Best AI SEO Software
Best AI SEO Software
Best AI SEO Software

Are you in search of the best AI SEO software to aid your small business website rank on search engines? The proper tools can help you rank your company better on search engine results pages (SERPs) on search engines like Google. There are various AI SEO tools available. This might make it challenging to decide which tools are valuable enough to review and spend money on.

The goal of this listicle is to provide information on the best AI SEO software for small businesses. You can manage and improve your small business’s SEO efforts with the aid of these tools.

So, let’s get right into it.

    Best AI SEO Software for Small Businesses

    1. RankIQ

    RankIQ – The Future of SEO is Now
    RankIQ – best SEO tools 2022

    RankIQ is an AI-powered software that offers SEO optimizations to help content rank on search engines. To aid content rank on page one of the search engine results, RankIQ offers recommendations for the optimum word count, page title, and topic keywords.

    RankIQ Features

    • Create an outline for a blog post.
    • A quick assessment of the competition.
    • Grading in real-time as you create optimum content.
    • Optimize Old Posts To Gain Significant Traffic.
    • Produce content to rank on page one using low-competition keywords.

    RankIQ Pricing

    RankIQ Pricing
    RankIQ Pricing

    The pricing of RankIQ is $99 per month. However, the price dropped to $49 per month for a limited time.

    RankIQ Pros and Cons

    Easy to useNo Free Trials
    Great customer care
    Great Keyword Research
    Cost Friendly
    RankIQ Pros and Cons

    2. SE Ranking

    SE Ranking
    SE Ranking (best SEO software)

    SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software. It allows you to execute website audits, examine the value of your backlinks, and even gain access to the marketing strategies of your rivals.

    SE Ranking Features

    SE Ranking Features
    SE Ranking Features
    • White Label: Your personal, expert SEO service built on the SE Ranking platform.
    • On-Page SEO Checker: Page improvement for a specific keyword.
    • Keyword Research.
    • Marketing Plan.
    • Page Changes Monitoring: Page Changes Monitors notifications of any alterations to your site or those of your competitors.

    SE Ranking Pricing

    SE Ranking_ Pricing Plans
    SE Ranking_ Pricing Plans

    1. Essential Plan

    • $31.20/month for 250 keywords
    • $43.20/month for 500 keywords
    • $55.20/month for 750 keywords

    2. Pro Plan

    • $71.20/month for 1000 keywords
    • $119.20/month for 1750 keywords

    3. Business Plan

    • $151.20/month for 2500 keywords
    • $279.20/month for 5000 keywords
    • $439,20/month for 10000 keywords
    • $599.20/month for 15000 keywords
    • $719.20/month for 20000 keywords

    SE Ranking Pros and Cons

    Great Tracking SystemSlow to update
    Great SEO optimization.Cost rises as your business expands
    Easy to use
    SE Ranking Pros and Cons

    3. RankMath

    Rank Math - Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2022
    Rank Math-(best SEO software)

    RankMath is one of the best SEO tools for WordPress. It aids a website in achieving a high SEO rating and standard. RankMath aids in determining what is wrong with a specific keyword that you are attempting to rank for in the content of your web page. On the page, SEO is where Rank Math largely focuses.

    RankMath Features

    • RankMath indicates whether there are any missing internal or external links in the blog post.
    • Simple user interface.
    • RankMath examines the keyword density for the targeted term.
    • RankMath evaluates the readability of the title and advises any changes that could be made to make it better.
    • RankMath also examines how readable the text is.
    • RankMath suggests adding a table of contents to your blog post, which Google also advises.
    • RankMath provides ideas for long-tail keywords that you can utilize as you type terms into the targeted keywords box.
    • The page title, Meta description, URL, and all the content are examined by your on-page SEO to see if the intended keywords are there.

    RankMath Pricing

    Rank Math PRO - Pricing Plans for Businesses & Individuals
    Rank Math PRO – Pricing Plans for Businesses & Individuals
    • Free Plan.
    • Pro Plan: This plan is $129 per year. However, it dropped to $59/year for a limited time.
    • Business Plan: This plan is $429/year. However, it has dropped to $199/year.
    • Agency Plan: This plan is $999/year. However, it has dropped to $499/year.

    RankMath Pros and Cons

    Effective social media insertionFor inexperienced users, the variety of functions may be confusing
    Excellent page SEO optimizationThe clarity of some visual elements can be lacking
    simple to use
    RankMath Pros and Cons

    4. SEMRUSH

    Semrush (best SEO software)

    Semrush is an all-in-one SEO software for all businesses that take their internet presence seriously. Using semrush, you can spot trends in your business niche. It evaluates your on-page SEO and aids in page optimization. You may use this to understand your page and SEO-optimize it for improved traffic and lead generation.

    SEMRUSH Features

    Features _ Semrush
    Features _ Semrush
    • SEO content.
    • Competitor Analysis.
    • On-page SEO.
    • SEO monitoring.
    • Keyword Research.
    • Social media management.
    • Link Building.

    SEMRUSH Pricing

    Plans & Pricing _ Semrush
    Plans & Pricing _ Semrush

    Three of the four plans for Semrush:

    • Free Plan: $0.
    • Pro Plan: $119.95/month.
    • Guru Plan: $229.95/month.
    • Business Plan: $449.95/month.

    Discount for 17% when pay annually

    • Pro Plan: $99.95/month
    • Guru Plan: $191.62/month
    • Business plan: $374.95/month

    SEMRUSH Pros and Cons

    Great customer serviceFree Trials require your credit card information before your are given access
    Free TrialSemrush focuses on one search engine (Google)
    Easy to set up
    Easy to use
    SEMRUSH Pros and Cons

    5. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs - SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic
    Ahrefs-best SEO software

    Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO software that provides you with fresh ideas for link-building and content analysis, social analytics, and ratings. It may easily replace many tools and has already proven important for any SEO strategy.

    Ahrefs Features

    • Content Explorer: With the aid of our Content Explorer, you may discover the articles that have received the most shares on any given subject on social media.
    • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: This can assist you in finding potential keywords and traffic estimates.
    • Rank Tracker: With the help of the Rank Tracker tool, you can monitor desktop and mobile ranks for any area and receive daily, weekly, and monthly statistics.
    • Site Audit: The Site Audit tool will examine your website for typical SEO problems and track the progress of your SEO efforts.

    Ahrefs Pricing

    Ahrefs Plans and Pricing
    • Lite Plan: $99/month
    • Standard Plan: $199/month
    • Advanced Plan: $399/month
    • Enterprise Plan: $999/month

    Ahrefs Pros and Cons

    All access to all SEO key toolsNo free trials
    Easy to useUngenerous report limit
    Great customer service
    Ahrefs Pros and Cons

    6. Google Search Console

    Google Search Console
    Google Search Console-best free SEO tools

    The Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools for beginners that assists businesses in monitoring and maintaining their website’s appearance in the Google Search engine. Search Console can evaluate a site’s clicks, impressions, and position on Google Search in order to acquire insight into which searches lead people to their page.

    Google Search Console Features

    • Submission of a sitemap.
    • Indexing for pages.
    • Links to Your Website.
    • Penalty re-evaluations.
    • Keyword Research Using Search Queries.
    • Evaluate User Interaction.
    • Page Ranking in Search Results.
    • Coverage of the site.
    • Send Pages for Indexing.

    Google Search Console Pricing

    Google search console is a free version of a web-based service provided by Google.

    Google Search Console Pros and Cons

    Wonderful FeaturesWhen you are new to Google Search Console, the dashboard might be overwhelming
    Fantastic Customer service
    Simple to use
    Google Search Console Pros and Cons

    7. MOZ

    Moz - SEO Software for Smarter Marketing
    Moz-SEO tools for digital marketing

    Moz, formerly known as SEOmoz, has grown to become one of the leading SEO tools since its inception in 2004. Moz Pro, the site’s monthly membership, includes a variety of tools that may help you run a more successful SEO campaign and boost your website’s ranking on search engines like Google, resulting in an increase in traffic, leads, and sales.

    Moz Features

    Moz - SEO Software for Smarter Marketing Features
    Moz – SEO Software for Smarter Marketing Features
    • Keyword Research: The appropriate keywords may make or destroy a website’s success. Keyword Explorer optimizes how you identify the best keywords to target in less time by optimizing your workflow.
    • Rank Tracking: Track your site’s keyword ranking performance and general exposure on the SERP over time to see what is and isn’t working.
    • Website Audit: Discover the problems with your site’s technical SEO and learn how to resolve them to improve its capacity to rank, get indexed, and attract high-quality traffic.
    • On-Page Optimization: It’s critical that visitors to your site can accomplish two things straight away: understand the purpose of the page they’ve arrived at and simply discover the content they’re searching for.
    • Link Research: Moz pro helps you increase the number of high-quality links referring to your website while decreasing the number of spammy links.
    • Custom Report: You’ve put a lot of effort into boosting your website’s visibility and organic traffic; now spread the word! Make sure that you explain the status, impact, and value of your work to your team, management, and clients in a way that each group can comprehend and appreciate.

    Moz Pricing

    Moz - Moz Pro Pricing
    Moz – Moz Pro Pricing
    • Standard: $99/month and $79/month if you pay annually. If you’re new to SEO or just need the fundamentals, this package is a fantastic place to start.
    • Medium: $179/month and $143/month if you pay annually. Limits are generous, and you get complete access to keyword research tools.
    • Large: $299/month and $239/month if you pay annually. For companies and organizations who take search seriously, this is the finest option (and most affordable).
    • Premium: $599/month and $479/month if you pay annually. Large SEO-focused agencies and in-house marketing teams are the most common users.

    Moz Pros and Cons

    A wide range of featuresSome people might find the depth and variety of features overwhelming
    Descriptive site metricsThere is no direct email and phone assistance
    Annual discount offeredOnly the Pro tier offers a free trial
    Extensive customer support resources
    Moz Pros and Cons

    8. Yoast

    SEO for everyone • Yoast
    SEO for everyone (Yoast)

    One of the most well-known SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast. Yoast assists you in ensuring your written content follows best SEO practices once it has been installed in WordPress.

    Yoast Features

    • Technical SEO optimizations that are automated.
    • Advanced XML sitemaps make it simple for Google to comprehend the structure of your website.
    • For better marketing and accurate snippet in the search results, use template titles and meta descriptions.
    • Faster loading times for your entire website thanks to WordPress’ revolutionary data management system.
    • Support via email for Yoast SEO Premium customers.
    • Wide-ranging crawl parameters provided by Yoast SEO Premium allow you to optimize how search engines scan your website.

    Yoast Pricing

    Yoast Pricing
    Yoast Pricing

    Yoast premium costs $99.

    Yoast Pros and Cons

    Excellent plugin for adding meta tagsIf I have not updated the plugin for a while, it will develop a fault.
    Permit setting up bulk meta tags
    Yoast Pros and Cons

    9. Surfer SEO

    Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. – Surfer SEO
    Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. – Surfer SEO

    Surfer SEO assists you in developing topic-specific content. It enables you to achieve this by offering terms and phrases to use in your content that are semantically pertinent based on the top-ranking sites in SERPs. Your outline is being built by Surfer SEO, utilizing AI-generated material. The application extracts information from the pages with the highest search engine rankings for your keyword and rewrites it as original text with titles, headers, and questions.

    Surfer SEO Features

    • NLP-based computer programs.
    • Shareable organization.
    • Suitable for All Languages.
    • content editor.
    • Content Organizer.
    • SEO Analysis Tool.
    • keyword analysis.

    Surfer SEO Pricing

    Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. – Surfer SEO Pricing
    Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. – Surfer SEO Pricing
    • Basic Plan: This plan costs $49/month, billed annually. This includes growing a single website automatically with growth flow, producing and promoting 10 articles every month, auditing 20 pages every month, guidelines improved using NLP for free for the first month, and Bringing in one team member.
    • Pro Plan: This plan costs $99/month, billed annually. This includes growing 5 single websites automatically with grow flow, producing and promoting 30 articles every month, auditing 60 pages every month, guidelines improved using NLP for free for the first month, and bringing in 3 team members.
    • Business Plan: $199/month, billed annually. This includes growing 10 single websites automatically with grow flow, producing and promoting 70 articles every month, auditing 140 pages every month, guidelines improved using NLP for free for the first month, bringing in 10 team members, API (Application Programming Interface), and white labeling.

    Surfer SEO Pros and Cons

    More than 500 ranking criteria may be examined in your content analysisAlthough there is no free trial provided, they do have a 7-day refund guarantee
    24/7 live chat assistanceThe analysis might frequently be extensive
    AI is used to assess your content
    Ranking for long-tail keywords is fairly simple with surfer SEO
    Surfer SEO Pros and Cons

    10. SEOptimer


    SEOptimer is an SEO Tool that will perform a detailed SEO Analysis in order for you to rank higher in Search Engine Results. SEOptimer is excellent for website owners, web designers, and digital agencies looking to improve their own sites.

    SEOptimer Features

    • Comprehensive Website Audit: Many factors are considered by search engines when ranking a website. SEOptimer is a Website SEO Checker that examines these and other factors to help identify issues that may be preventing your site from reaching its full potential.
    • SEO Toolbox for Free: SEOptimer, in addition to being an SEO Audit Tool, offers a variety of free SEO Tools that empower you to improve your site on your own. These are some examples: Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Generator, Robots.txt Generator, .htaccess File Generator, and XML Sitemap Generator.
    • keyword research: Gain a competitive advantage by revealing the organic search volume of over 3 billion tracked keywords in our database.

    SEOptimer Pricing

    SEOptimer Pricing
    SEOptimer Pricing
    • DIY SEO: $19/month, $171/year. This is a simple Do-It-Yourself SEO software that crawls your site for issues, suggests tasks, and tracks rankings.
    • White Label: $29/month, $261/year. Create unlimited white-label PDF reports in 15 languages with your own company logo, branding, text, and check selections. Investigate multiple websites for problems.
    • White Label & Embedding Annual: $51/month, $531/year. All ‘White Label’ features, plus the ability to create a custom Embed Audit Form to generate leads directly from your website and send them to your inbox or other systems.

    SEOptimer Pros and Cons

    Save time – SEOptimer performs Website Audits in seconds.The software does not have a free version.
    Present Beautiful Reports – Amaze your clients and prospects with impressive bespoke reports that appear to have been handcrafted.
    Increase your sales by converting your website into a lead magnet. To acquire more customers directly from your website, use White Label PDF Reports and the Embeddable Audit Tool.
    SEOptimer Pros and Cons

    11. AIOSEO


    AIOSEO is an all in One SEO tool that is great for enterprises, bloggers, developers, programmers, photographers, and almost everyone. You must have a self-hosted WordPress site to utilize the All in One SEO Pack. To guarantee that things work smoothly and quickly, they created everything using strategies and updated standards

    AIOSEO Features

    The finest WordPress SEO plugin is AIOSEO. Here are the characteristics that distinguish AIOSEO from other WordPress SEO plugins.
    On-Page SEO Analysis
    Add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and everything else you need for good on-page SEO optimization in a snap.

    • Rich Snippets: AIOSEO pro fully supports schema markup, allowing you to increase clicks and traffic with rich snippets.
    • All-in-One SEO Local SEO: This feature provides you with all of the tools you need to optimize your local SEO and rank higher on Google Maps.
    • Adaptive XML Sitemaps: Create a WordPress XML sitemap automatically and alert all search engines of modifications.
    • Video Sitemap: AIOSEO features a video sitemap generator, allowing you to rank in Google’s video carousel widget and improve your traffic.
    • Integration of Social Media: Customize how your contents and thumbnails appear on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks with ease.
    • Link Assistant: Find useful tips for adding internal links to older material, as well as orphaned posts with no internal links.
    • WooCommerce SEO WooCommerce eCommerce SEO assistance to optimize page layouts, product categories, and much more.
    • SEO Audits: Analyze your whole WordPress site for crucial problems and actionable insights to improve your SEO and traffic.
    • Sitemaps for Google News: Submit your most recent news stories to Google News to improve your results and gain access to additional traffic.
    • Editor for Robots.txt: Take complete control of the instructions you offer web crawlers on which directories and files to scan on your WordPress site.

    AIOSEO Pricing

    AIOSEO Pricing
    AIOSEO Pricing
    PRICING$49.60/ year$99.60/ year$199.60/ year$299.60/ year
    Amazing SEO ModulesAPI for WordPressSitemap for News404 Advanced Management
    SEO for WooCommerceModules for Local SEOSitemap for VideosAssistant for Internal Links
    Effective SitemapsModules for Image SEOManager of RedirectionClient Management
    Integration of Social Media404 Error MonitoringSupport on several sites
    SEO Audit
    Brilliant Schema Markup 
    Customized Breadcrumbs
    Microsoft Clarity
    User Access Management
    Integrated IndexNow
    Standard Assistance
    AIOSEO Pricing

    AIOSEO Pros and Cons

    It has free versionsUnlike Yoast SEO and RankMath, there is no SEO scoring.
    Simple and straightforward to set up.AIOSEO lacks features such as easy access and data importation from Google Search Console.
    The description and title are simple to update.AIOSEO Pack’s free edition offers no assistance.
    Advanced options for managing indexing and search engine following, as well as disabling it for a specific post.
    AIOSEO Pros and Cons

    12. SERPSTAT


    SERPSTAT is an all-in-one SEO tool that enables you to increase productivity and surpass your competition for higher business profits. Serpstat was developed in 2013 as a keyword research tool, and it has since grown and improved.

    SERPSTAT Features

    • Backlink Analysis Tool: A backlink analysis tool focuses on checking backlinks, anchors, link sources, discovering fraudulent links, and tracking any changes in your domain’s and your rivals’ link profiles.
      1. Examine the quality of your site’s backlinks.
      2. Analyze your competitors’ common link donors.
      3. Keep track of lost and fresh backlinks.
      4. Evaluate the outcomes of your link-building strategy.
    • Site Audit Tool: SEO audit of any site enables you to identify technical issues that affect optimization and site exposure. The audit reports are organized by priority and contain problems as well as thorough recommendations for their resolution.
    • Keyword Research Software:  The largest keyword database aids in the collection of information for a site by using characteristics like volume, popularity, competitiveness, and keyword difficulty. Keyword research and analysis are based on regional search results as well as competing sites in your field.
    • Rank Tracking:  Examine a domain’s and its rivals’ global and local organic and paid search results. Rank tracking in Google and Yandex helps notice changes in search results and evaluate your domain’s market dominance.
    • Competitor Analysis Software: The competitor analysis tool assists in locating relevant online rivals, collecting and analyzing their most popular pages, the keywords they use for promotion, advertising that produces sales, determining an expected budget, and organic traffic to the site.

    SERPSTAT Pricing

    SERPSTAT Pricing
    SERPSTAT Pricing
    • Lite $55/month
      This plan is great for SEO individuals, freelancers, and small businesses on a tight budget. Get access to over 20 tools for operating SEO, SEM, and PPC projects, as well as researching competitors’ best online methods to boost the SEO efforts of your projects.
    • Standard $119/month
      This plan is ideal for seasoned in-house teams and marketing firms. All of the Lite features, plus:
      3 users
      Personalized reports
      API credits and extended interface
    • Advanced $239/month
      This plan is ideal for large marketing firms and in-house teams with considerable data needs. All of the standard features, plus:
      5 users
      API credits and extended interface
    • Enterprise $399/month
      This plan is ideal for industry leaders. All of the Advanced features, plus:
      7 users
      White Labeling
      API credits and extended interface

    SERPSTAT Pros and Cons

    It comes with all of the features you’ll need to manage SEO.If you have a large website, SERPSTAT will take much longer to perform a site audit than other tools.
    The Serpstat tool provides extensive and complete analytics information.
    There is a free trial available.
    SERPSTAT Pros and Cons

    13. Mangools


    Mangools is an all-in-one SEO software that will provide you with all the data needed for the site to rank way better on search engines.

    Mangools Features

    • Keyword Research: The mangool keyword research tool (KW Finder) provides keywords that are simple to rank for. Choose keywords with a low SEO difficulty and a large search volume. They have precise search volumes as well as the most precise keyword difficulty.
    • SERP Analysis: With Mangool’s SERP Analysis tool (SERP Checker) You can receive a localized SERPs analysis (mobile or desktop), as well as the most common link popularity data for each ranking page and the projected CTR.
    • Rank Tracking: The purpose of rank tracking is to understand your website’s organic traffic potential. As a result, we created the Performance Index, which is based on the latest keyword placements and search volumes.
    • Backlink Analysis: Mangool backlink tool (LinkMiner) helps you to exploit competitors’ most effective backlinks.
    • SEO Metrics: Mangool SEO metrics tool (site profiler) helps you to identify the SEO authority of any website.

    Mangool Pricing

    Mangools Pricing
    Mangools Pricing
    PLANSMangools BasicMangools PremiumMangools Agency
    MONTHLY PRICING$49.00/month$69.00/month$129.00/month
    ANNUAL PRICING$29.90/month$39.90/month$79.90/month
    Keyword searches / 24 hours1005001,200
    Suggestions for keywords/search200UnlimitedUnlimited
    Keywords for a single import200700700
    Keywords/search for competitors25UnlimitedUnlimited
    SERP searches/24 hours1005001,200
    Daily keyword tracking2007001,500
    Monthly backlink rows100,000500,0001,200,000
    Site searches/24 hours2070150
    Simultaneous loginsX310
    Mangool Pricing

    Mangools Pros and cons

    Simple to utilizeSEO Tools Are Separate
    SEO skill supportBasic Plan Limits Are Easily Exceeded
    The plans are inexpensive.
    Mangools Pros and cons

    14. spyFu


    SpyFu is an SEO data-driven tool. There are several outstanding characteristics that will give you an advantage over your competitors. This SEO tool enables you to rank your website on search engines to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

    spyFu Features

    • SEO Competitor Analysis: Look for every keyword your competitors rank for. Discover the specific content and backlinks that allow them to outrank you.
    • PPC Competitor Analysis: Examine every Google keyword your competitors ever purchased and every ad test they’ve ever conducted. Make your triumphs and avoid their errors.
    • Keyword Research Tools: Discover every Google keyword your competitors ever purchased and every ad test they’ve ever conducted. Make your triumphs and avoid their blunders.
    • Top Lists and Domain Leads: Make your unique domain list. Filter results by industry, location, advertising budget, search traffic, social media, and technology.

    spyFu Pricing

    MONTHLY PLAN$39/month$79/month$299/month
    ANNUAL PLAN$16/month$36/month$149/month
    Search Results10,000 RowUnlimitedUnlimited
    Data Exports10,000 RowUnlimitedUnlimited
    Domain OverviewPDF 100UnlimitedUnlimited
    Historical Data6 Months10+ years10+ years
    Sales Leads & Domain Contacts2505002000
    Weekly Tracked Keyword Rankings5,00015,00040,000
    API AccessAPI Access
    Custom branded CoverageCustom branded Coverage
    5 user accounts
    spyFu Pricing

    spyFu Pros and Cons

    Excellent Domain SearchLittle Expensive
    Provides Tracking ToolsAt times, their user experience may appear to be slightly complex
    Free Trial AvailableCampaigns from certain websites that are not in the system are not displayed
    spyFu Pros and Cons

    15. Advanced Web Ranking


    Advance Web Ranking(AWR) offers a fantastic rank-tracking function that pulls SERP data from over 4,000 search engines. It, too, offers keyword prospects for your SEO efforts.

    Advance Web Ranking (AWR) Features

    • Personalized SEO reports
      In minutes, you’ll have engaging SEO reports ready to discuss with clients.
      1. Data and layout are completely customizable.
      2. Easy-to-use WYSIWYG report editor
      3. Simple sharing through links and user accounts
      4. Including third-party reporting tools in the system
    • competitor analysis
      Comprehensive and actionable competitive landscape monitoring.
      1. Discovering and understanding competitors
      2. Monitoring SERP performance side by side
      3. Snapshots of SERPs and their progression over time
      4. Competitor market share, visibility, and other factors
    • Rank Tracking
      Advanced Web Ranking tracks term ranks for all SERP characteristics accessible in search engine results.
      The AWR rank tracker provides valuable information about your website, allowing you to focus on boosting their organic performance and exposure.

    Advanced Web Ranking Pricing


    TIPS: Save 10% on an annual plan

    MONTHLY PLAN$49/month$99/month$199/month$499/month
    ANNUAL PLAN$44/month$89/month$179/month$449/month
    FEATURES2,000 unitsAll STARTER Plan Features +All PRO Plan Features +All AGENCY Plan Features +
    Local and mobile rankingMarket ShareVolumes of local keyword searchesCSV files are exported to FTP
    Adaptable updatesCompetitor IdentificationImports from the PastAccount Manager on staff
    SERP AdvantagesConnector for Data StudioAssist with data migration
    Insights into CompetitorsUpdates every hourPriority Assistance
    Integration of Google DataCountry tracking in the Search Console
    keyword DifficultyAPI for developers
    Reporting in WYSIWYG
    Projects and users are both unlimited
    Report Sharing with a Whitelabel
    Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

    Advanced Web Ranking Pros and Cons

    Easy to utilizeTheir customer care was average at best
    It has a free trialThe enterprise plan has no annual discount
    The data is accurate
    Advanced Web Ranking Pros and Cons


    In the above listicle, we’ve discussed the best AI SEO software that could help you save resources and time, and outrank your competition in local search engines, resulting in more leads and sales. This comprehensive list of SEO tools for small businesses should provide you with everything you need to establish a good SEO background and obtain higher website visibility for your small business.

    If you are interested in checking out the best SEO companies in Nigeria that can help your business rank better on search engines, I suggest you read (Best SEO Company in Nigeria 2023).

    I hope this assessment was useful in deciding on AI SEO software that can help your business function better online. Please leave a comment or two, if you feel that something is missing in my review or if you have any questions.
    I appreciate the time you took to read my review.


    Do I need SEO software?


    Why Use SEO Software?

    These are the reasons why you should use SEO tools:
    1. Analyze the SEO tactics of competitors.
    2. Time and money savings
    3. Keywords That Convert Well.
    4. Monitoring SEO success.

    What is the best free SEO tool?

    Google Search Console is recommended if your looking for a free SEO tool for life.

    What should you avoid when it comes to SEO?

    Some of these critical SEO errors include the following:
    1. poor site speed
    2. Duplicate content on the same website.
    3. Missing alternative texts.
    4. The site’s information and content are out of date.
    5. Not making your website mobile-friendly.
    6. broken links.
    7. Pages are not indexed in search engines.

    What is AI SEO Software for Small Businesses?

    AI SEO software is a tool that can help you increase visibility and optimize your website for search results. I’ll be reviewing a number of features today because the best small-business SEO software will offer benefits beyond rank tracking.

    What type of AI SEO Software is Most Effective for Your Small Business?

    The best SEO software for your company is probably an all-in-one tool that gives you access to all the information and resources you require. With comprehensive AI SEO software, you pay a single subscription to access a variety of functions, such as built-in crawlers, backlinks, and AI content writing tools for SEO.

    Benefits of Selecting the Best AI SEO Software Tools for Your Small Business

    1. Examine your internet reputation.
    2. Improves your writing to rank better on search results.
    3. Keep track of keyword ranks.
    4. Examine a website for SEO vulnerabilities.
    5. Improve on-page elements.
    6. Plan your SEO strategy.
    7. Find keywords and subjects to specialize in.
    8. Influence business listings.

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