Best Niche For Blogging With Low Competition
Best Niche For Blogging With Low Competition
Best Niche For Blogging With Low Competition

If you are about to start a blog, it’s requested that you perform research about the best niche for blogging with low competition so as rank better on search engines. Recently, blogging has spread like wildfire as a popular method of making money online.

However, just because it is being done by so many people doesn’t necessarily mean the process is easy. You need to have in-depth knowledge of the highest-paying, low-competition blog niches if you want to become a successful blogger.
So let’s dive into the main package of today!

What Is A Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a specific field in which bloggers create a blog post. And choosing a niche is among the most essential stages in starting and developing a profitable blog. Using blogging niches, you can target a more specific audience and create blog posts that are both informative and engaging.

5 Tips On Selecting A Niche

  • Determine your passions: An essential first step is to identify your interests. This does not imply that you must find the ideal match. If there is something about running the business that you’re passionate about, you go for it. It’s possible that you won’t have the motivation to keep going if you do not have an interest in your chosen niche.
  • Determine issues that need to be fixed: You are now prepared to begin limiting your choices after compiling the list of your preferred niches. To start a lucrative business, you must first recognize the issues that your targeted consumers are facing and then evaluate how you will fix them.
  • Analyze your competitors: The influence of competition isn’t always a big issue. In reality, it might be letting you know that you’ve discovered a lucrative niche. However, you must conduct a thorough examination of competing websites you come across.
  • Find out how profitable your niche is: By this point, you ought to be fairly clear on the niche you plan to enter. Even if you haven’t slimmed your list down to one niche, you’ve noticed a few suggestions that you feel pretty good about. At this juncture, you should have a good concept of the amount of money you can start making in your niche. 
  • Try out your chosen niche: Now that you have all the knowledge you require to select a niche, all that is left to do is put your niche to the test.

What Are The Best Niche For Blogging With Low Competition?

1. Recipes and Cooking Niche


One of the most successful blog niches is food, which is an evergreen niche. Additionally, it offers a variety of sub-niches to discover, from fast and simple meals to details on particular diets.  Home-cooked meals are one food-related topic that has gained popularity recently.

If you enjoy cooking, consider starting a food blog. Even though there is competition due to a large number of other top chefs and regular people who blog about food, your site will get more traffic if you create original content. To be successful in this niche, try to target a specific audience. It will create opportunities for high-growth, low-competition niches.

2. Fitness Niche


Since many people are motivated to work out at home, online fitness training courses have become increasingly popular. However, research findings have revealed that even after gyms, 70% of people who regularly exercise will keep on working out at home.

By beginning your fitness blog, you can tap into this expanding trend and a new target market if you work in the health industry. You are not limited to writing blog posts because of the nature of this niche.  You can produce a wide variety of content, including exercise videos, fitness training courses, one-on-one coaching sessions, and guides on proper form.

3. Personal Development Niche


In recent years, the practice of personal development has gained popularity. People are more aware of their mental health in these unexpected times, which has led to an increased interest in personal development.

Despite the problems in the world, 80% of people plan to keep engaging in self-care or personal development. Furthermore, a recent Google study shows that personal development is no longer a “New Year’s trend,” and users are constantly searching for wellness-related queries.
If you have training in psychology, wellness coaching, or counseling, you might want to think about entering the self-care niche. By endorsing goods that can aid readers in achieving their objectives, you can make money off of your content as a self-care and personal development blogger.

4. Making Money Online Niche


Technology has helped users become more online-focused today than ever before. As jobs become scarcer by the day, they require alternative means of income, which online money-making can provide. Take up this niche and teach people how to make money online, whether part-time or full-time. Everyone wants to be wealthy.

As a result, it stands to reason that a money-making blog will be profitable. Consider why you’re reading this right now. Thankfully, there is no cap on the volume of content that can be published. Numerous money-making aspects are distinct enough to warrant their blog content.

5. Education Niche


Education-related investments can be lucrative ventures. There is always a niche that is ideal for you, whether it is reviewing educational technology and gadgets or providing specific tutorials on a specialized subject. If you decide on tutorials, your blog should only cover topics in which you are an expert. However, this is the best choice if you are a professor at the university or are presently working toward a master’s degree in the field.

6. Student Savings Niche


A student’s time in college is unquestionably one of the most important and challenging times in their life. It may also be one of the most costly times in their life.
Students, on the other hand, can save money with careful planning and a few techniques. This could be an excellent niche for your blog.

You can discuss student discounts in your writing and inform readers of how discounts can be their ideal companion. They can get inspiration from you for buying used things. Also, encourage them to start a side business. This niche allows you to create a blog solely about money-saving tips for students. The large number of students who work part-time are extremely worried about their financial situation.

7. Travelling Niche


People enjoy traveling and cruising different places, but they require a guide to assist them to do so. You can attract so many website visitors by writing and publishing about some of those places to go and activities to do.
If you are limited in your ability to travel, try writing about everything that you’re aware of regarding your city, state, or nation. People are ready to read about them and travel from their residences to visit them.

8. Relationship Niche

Relationships come in a wide variety of forms, and they never get any easier to understand. Although relationships are a popular niche for blogs, you should try to narrow it down and focus on just one aspect.

There will always be readers seeking out relationship advice and techniques to make their relationships work. So why not, if you have to share something valuable with your audience?
No matter if they are for married, divorced, single, or couples, relationships, and dating will remain a notable niche market that sells and offers a lot of economic possibilities.

9. Fashion Niche

Fashion is a thriving niche. There is always a topic you can write about that relates to fashion. since the audience for this niche is typically very trend-aware. Trust me if I say that fashion blogging has consistently been among the most lucrative online market. You can begin a fashion blog with just about any micro-niche, including bridal attire, festive fashion trends, makeup applications, beauty treatments, and lifestyle.

10. Web Development Niche


There are numerous opportunities in web design and development as well. Technically speaking, each niche has a lot of potential, but this category will assist you in finding and learning about hundreds of additional sub-niches. You wouldn’t believe how many people have uninspired websites.
To avoid having to hire a developer each time they need to make adjustments or encounter issues, numerous people desire to learn at least the foundations of coding.
You can provide them with design guidance, such as suggestions for color schemes and fonts focused on your niche, instructions on how to incorporate specific functions and features into their website, and so on. You could generate income by offering WordPress theme designs for sale.

11. Family Life Niche


Bloggers always skip this niche and don’t know it has its various advantages such as low competition to rank faster in search engines. The majority of people are willing to do whatever it takes to have a happy, harmonious family life, even if that involves reading lengthy books and publications.

If you’re married or a parent, you can start writing about topics like how husbands and wives can strengthen their marriage bond, how to handle conflicts in the home, etc. This niche enables you to concentrate on providing quality content for families while also earning money.

12. Religious Niche


This is a fantastic niche but bears in mind that you must only choose a sector that you are passionate about and where you can produce engaging content. Religious bloggers should always understand that religion is destined to unite people, not split them.

Never speak negatively about a specific religion. Rather, respect all religions. Many people are curious about learning more about their own and other people’s religions, as well as discussing religious beliefs and legends in varying ways.
If you honestly believe you can write and publish something worthwhile, go ahead. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject of religion, please be polite while sharing information.

13. NFT Niche


NFTs are a blogging niche that is underexploited because there are so few well-established bloggers who specialize in them.
If you follow what’s going on in the digital world, you’ve probably heard of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT is a special type of digital asset that represents ownership of real-world things like rental properties, songs, videos, crafts, and more.
NFTs are not a currency, even though they use blockchain technology similar to that used to develop and power cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. NFTs can be bought, sold, or transferred but not duplicated, replaced, or divided.

14. Fishing Niche


Fishing is a widely known recreational activity around the world, with over 280k searchers in the United States alone by google trends. As a result of annual spending of billions of dollars on fishing equipment, it is also a significant industry.
Due to the numerous topics to cover and so many audiences to reach, the size of the niche tends to make it among the best blogging niche.

A blog about fishing can cover a variety of topics, including equipment reviews, fish identification, recipes, and travel advice for your upcoming fishing trip. Finding profitable and low-competition opportunities in this niche will help you create a blog about fishing that is successful. A fishing blog can help your recreation grow into a passionate career if you or your family constantly go fishing and appreciate it.

15. Parenting Niche


A parenting niche is concerned with the requirements of both parents and their children. It could be a pregnancy, parenting, or baby care blog, among other things.

Numerous blogs about family life and parenting may have caught your attention. There’s a justification for that. People are curious about parenting and want advice on everything from how to care for a newborn to how to make purchases.

Parenting blogs will continue to be in demand because as the world’s population grows so do the number of new parents. Other parents can benefit from the personal experience and advice that parents share through parenting blogs.

16. Gardening Niche


In the United States solely, the landscaping and garden sector represents a $22 billion industry.
Gardeners are extremely proud and passionate about their work. They will be delighted to impart their knowledge to others because they are aware of the positive impact they are having on the world.

This helps to make it much simpler to start a successful blog even though people want to educate others. The best course of action may be to start a gardening blog if you are knowledgeable about lawns and gardens and want to share that knowledge while earning money from it.

17. Furniture Niche


The furniture Niche Blog is a website that offers details on home and office furnishing. The blog mainly aims to inform readers and assist them in making decisions about what furniture to purchase.

Because there is a sizable market for home and office furniture, and because people are continually moving, renovating their homes, and looking for new ways to improve their residences better, the furniture niche blog is one of the highest-earning blog niches for bloggers.
Each year, there are countless new home and office furnishings, gadgets, and appliances that are released you can write a review about and make money from it.

18. Cryptocurrency Niche


The popularity of digital currency, also referred to as cryptocurrency is another micro-niche topic. Writing about this micro-niche could earn you extra income as well.

There are 510K searches per month for this particular keyword. I am aware of the monthly search volume is much. Though the cost per click (CPC) for this keyword is about $5 to $6 according to Ubersuggest, it is still profitable given the volume of searches per month.

Anyone with the motivation and ability to learn about it and write about it online will benefit from the cryptocurrency niche, as interest in cryptocurrencies has significantly increased over the past year.
Earning money by blogging about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar Lumen, and Ethereum is now a possibility.



The above is for sure the best niche with low competition. As a beginner, you can start with any sub-niche of the niche provided above. Finding a blogging niche to focus on is the hardest part of starting a new blog.

Nevertheless, make an effort to identify a specialized niche topic. You will be able to connect with a huge audience that is eager to read your excellent content. I hope this blog post is helpful to you to pick a niche for your blog. Please drop a comment below if you have questions or anything you would love to share.


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