Ecommerce Market Research Tools
Ecommerce Market Research Tools
Ecommerce Market Research Tools

Any business, large or small, can succeed by performing excellent-well-detailed market research. Market research is essential in the eCommerce sector if you want to fully comprehend your consumer base and offer them top-notch experiences, goods, and services.

Before launching any new product on an eCommerce platform or launching marketing campaigns, you have to study and evaluate the market to ensure that you perform actions based on facts rather than speculation. The fact people can now purchase nearly everything online and have it delivered to their homes, thanks to the sophisticated e-commerce facilities is no longer surprising.
That’s why in this post I will give a well-detailed explanation of eCommerce market research tools that are needed by businesses of all sizes to thrive.
Let’s cut to the chase!

E-commerce Market Research Tools

Ecommerce Market Research Tools
E-commerce Market Research Tools

Market Research has various categories you need to focus on and dominate before your market research would be considered to be successful. I will talk about the tools that can help you a long way in your market research.

1. Bright data

The top web data platform in the world is Bright Data. Any business can conduct research, keep track of trends, and perform data analysis using web data to improve decision-making. More than 15,000 customers use their platform in almost every business sector worldwide.
Bright data can be used in various ways. In this case, I will be discussing the ways you can use this platform that is related to this topic.

Market Research

With the aid of bright data market research feature you have a significant advantage against your competitor. Their users revolutionize market research using their web data. With the aid of this market research feature, you can develop a thorough understanding of your target market, keep an eye on market trends, and create better products.
Bright data offers you the following during market research:

  • Keep up with trends by gathering information from various sources.
  • Identify and keep an eye on your target market by gathering information to develop a perfect customer profile.
  • Carefully selecting through datasets of people, you can target your rivals and attain new leads.
  • Filter our extensive datasets for factors like location, customers, businesses, and more to find the most pertinent influential people.
  • Assemble online information from market research companies, news sites, blogs about the industry, social media, etc.
  • Monitor changes in consumer behavior to forecast the success of marketing campaigns and products.
  • Utilize web data to identify short- and long-term trends to enter the market early and develop a specialized product.
  • To gain additional insight into your brand and your rivals, gather feedback and information from social media websites.
  • Utilize a variety of resources simultaneously, including reviews, profile walls, group web pages, and more.


With the aid of their web data, you can easily beat your eCommerce competitors. With their eCommerce scraper, the top cloud service for e-commerce and retail website data, you can track competitor stocks and prices in real-time, or you can buy eCommerce datasets.
Bright data offers you the following during eCommerce market research:

  • Find out what each rival is charging right now for every item they sell.
  • To enable dynamic pricing models in real-time, compare the costs of comparable products across all competitors.
  • For every SKU(Stock Keeping Unit), find the exact match, and keep an eye on price changes.
  • Be informed of fresh sales and offers.
  • With knowledge of the competition, improve your pricing plan.
  • Extract every bit of product data and gain access to your competitor’s product catalogs and inventory levels.
  • Keep up with your precise product profiles.
  • Know as soon as your suppliers launch a new brand line so you can quickly add the SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) to your website.
  • Utilize a variety of rivals at once to identify inventory gaps that can be profited from.
  • keep an eye on consumer sentiment.
  • Discover the popular goods and services in all countries.


With the help of bright data, you can discover the upcoming big trends and gain control of rankings. Gather data from any of the search engines to perform tasks such as product & brand placement, generation of leads, trend tracking, and SEO optimization.
Bright Data offers you the following during market research when performing SEO:

  • Real-time SERP data scraping can inform clients of page rankings, declining traffic, and the locations of their rivals.
  • Learn how to create content of outstanding quality that attracts organic traffic from search engines by understanding the titles, keywords, descriptions, and links.
  • As you develop new products, keep an eye on organic search results to handle your brand’s image and credibility.
  • To conduct quantitative research, go beyond rate limits and gather Trends Data from well-known search engines.
  • Deep market research, lead generation, and identifying upcoming customer trends.
  • Use SERP data to fuel machine intelligence programs for analytics and trend-spotting.
  • When carrying out research, use various resources at once to produce the most effective content possible.
  • Receive real-time updates on newly added keywords to update your ads and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Bright Data gives you a 10% discount on every annual billing plan of your choice.

  • The first plan does not have an actual price, you just be paying as you go further.
  • Growth Plan ($500)
  • Business Plan ($1000)
  • Enterprise Plan (Get a quote: Contact them and discuss the price)

2. Statista

Statista is a resource for any data and market research reports. It compiles information from numerous reliable sources, the majority of which are presented in visual data such as understandable graphical formats. You can revisit the same visual data every year to observe the way trends are shifting due to Statista’s data being continuously updated. Statista offers statistical data that has been compiled from over 22,500 sources on a total of over 80,000 different topics. They have over 2 million registered users and over 1 million statistics.


  1. Basic Plans (FREE)
  • Access to free statistics
  • Download function

2. Starter Account ($39: Till June 30th, $69: Usually)

  • Quick access to 1 million+ statistics.
  • Save as XLS, PNG, or PDF 4.
  • Complete source data, including historical context.

3. Personal Account ($490)

  • All of the features associated with the Starter Account.
  • extra access to reports and forecasts.

3. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a marketing research tool that allows you to create and send surveys or polls to your target markets to acquire some necessary information that can be beneficial to achieve the goal of market research. Millions of responses are accessible through SurveyMonkey Audience. In just a few minutes, you can gather thoughtful comments from customers or businesspeople. Consult with specialists in market research for help with survey layout, translations, unique reporting, and more. Surveys can be distributed through links, emails, social media platforms, or website embedding.


1. Basic Plan (Free)

  • Send surveys with a maximum of 10 questions endlessly. There are restrictions on responses.

2. Individual Advantage ($34/month, $408 annually)

  • Get access to our most well-liked tools for designing, sending, and analyzing surveys.

3. Team Survey ($25 per user/month)

  • Tools for teamwork and survey features that make it easier for your team to work effectively.

4. Think with Google

Think with Google is a set of free tools that can be used to learn more about your market, identify emerging trends, and gain insightful information that will set you apart from your rivals.
This collection of tools provides in-depth market insights, practical statistics, and additional marketing tools and resources to put what you’ve learned to use.
Additionally, it can locate the statistics and patterns, cutting-edge viewpoints, and behind-the-scenes peeks at campaigns to motivate your marketing strategies. Finding your target market and niche can be done using Find My Audience and Market Finder.


  • The good part of this tool is that it is FREE!

5. Buzzsumo

Businesses use Buzzsumo, a fantastic tool for content research and market analysis. It enables marketers to investigate in-depth which content is most popular in particular spheres.
To find out what content is most shared on social media and what formats are most popular, use Buzzsumo to dig deep into the most searched articles on the internet. Additionally, it can show you who the key players are in your industry and reveal new keyword possibilities you might have overlooked.

BuzzSumo can be used in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to look up a topic using the content analyzer and discover which pieces of content have the most popularity. Additionally, you can set up notices to track mentions of a specific keyword or keyword phrase.


Buzzsumo offers their users a free trial, and their plans range from the Basic Plan ($119/month, $95/month billed annually) to the Enterprise Plan ($999/month).

6. Gartner

Gartner is a global advisory firm that can be used in a variety of ways, but for the purpose of this post, I will discuss the ways you can use it for marketing research.
Gartner acquires the advice, resources, and objective, concrete data that you and your team require to produce business impact. When performing market research, you need fresh insight into the consumer, financial, and broad challenges they will face this year, as well as the executive plan they will require to address them.

Gartner’s trusted insights provide a wealth of detailed, validated, and researched data. It’s a great way to detect market gaps, determine trends in the sector you work in, and gain additional knowledge to fuel your business.
Gartner claims that they have over 2200 research experts that deliver trusted and well-detailed insights. The only downside to Gartner is that it is very expensive.


The average price is $30,000.

Google Trends is an essential tool for performing market research. This is a great free tool for businesses to monitor swings in consumer behavior over a certain period of time. Businesses can find out how frequently specific keywords or goods are searched globally over time by entering keywords associated with those subject matters or goods into the Google Trends search box. This provides information about the keywords that are most important to people and whether their opinions have evolved over time. These insights enable eCommerce stores to foresee emerging trends in eCommerce before they spread widely, enabling them to capitalize on them right away and gain an upper hand over their competitors.


The pricing is FREE.


Doofinder is a site search tool that primarily helps companies improve their internal search. But it goes far beyond that. Businesses can learn more about the search preferences of their target market by using Doofinder’s robust analytics tools to develop more successful SEO strategies. You will be equipped to monitor a variety of new keyword trends as well as ideas for fresh products and new market developments.
According to them “The Smart Site Search That Helps You Sell More“.


  • Free Plan (0€/month)
  • Basic Plan (Starting at 35€/month)
  • Pro Plan (Starting at 59€/month)
  • Enterprise Plan (Starting at 389€/month)

9. Think with Google

A useful tool created for specialists in marketing is Think With Google. It offers accurate information on business trends.
Additionally, it regularly disseminates insights gleaned from global consumer survey data conducted in numerous markets and industries around the world. By making use of Think With Google, your brand will be able to stay on top of current trends and foresee changes in your industries, giving you a significant competitive advantage.
It’s unquestionably a surefire way to boost sales and cultivate trustworthiness in your online business and be competent to determine consumer demand before your rivals!


It is free.

10. Zoho Survey

An audience can be surveyed using the Zoho Survey tool, and the outcomes can be seen graphically, as well as in real time. Create surveys effortlessly with as many question types as possible, templates, and other variables as well. Set your company’s branding and logo on the survey. Zoho Survey analysis tools include trend reports, cross-tab reports, scheduled reports and custom reports, filtered responses, and real-time statistics. You have many options for conducting data analysis thanks to Zoho Survey’s reporting features. Conversely, if you’d like more data, you can download reports in several formats, such as SPSS, Excel spreadsheets, CSV, and PDF.


  • Free Plan ($0/month)
  • Plus Plan ($29/month)
  • Pro Plan ($39/month)
  • Enterprise Plan ($89/month)



In summary, businesses in 2023 and beyond can reap enormous advantages from knowing their target audience and utilizing the appropriate e-commerce market research tools listed above. Businesses that conduct market research are better able to fully understand their target audience, competitors, and the market as a whole.

Businesses have the ability to enhance their targeted marketing efforts by utilizing the data gathered from every tool discussed above to support their strategic actions. I sincerely hope you will give the aforementioned tools a try because I am confident they will significantly improve your business.
Please share in the comment section below, which ones you’ve selected to use in your business.

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