Get Paid $400 Daily From Listening to Music For Free
Get Paid $400 Daily From Listening to Music For Free

Are you a music lover who wants to turn your passion into profit? Well, get ready to jam out and cash in because we have the ultimate guide on how you can get paid $400 daily from listening music for free! Yes, you read that right. No need to pinch yourself, this is not a dream. In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to make money from home by simply enjoying your favorite tunes. So put on your headphones and let’s dive into the world of earning while grooving!

However, certain websites are legitimate and pay according to industry standards in the online market. Therefore, to determine which of the options was best, we considered several various factors, such as earning potential, payment methods, credibility, and reviews from customers.
Even though there are presently many opportunities to earn money by listening to music, not all websites are as trustworthy as they seem.
So, to properly pick the most suitable app/platform for you, I and my friends privately tested and evaluated around twenty apps and picked the best fifteen apps from the list. And I can assure you that using these apps and websites is completely risk-free.

Several platforms are willing to pay you for listening to music. They make use of your comments and reviews to help mold the direction of the sector. Here are a couple of platforms to consider:



By simply enjoying your favorite music, you have been allowed to earn money each year with the Current Rewards music app. You can choose from country to rap music radio stations to listen to, and you can collect points while doing so. You will undoubtedly earn more money if you listen more.
Your earnings increase as you play more. Anyone who registers can listen to selected radio stations in Current and acquire points, which are in-app currency. Several chances to earn points will appear throughout the media replay.

How to Earn in

You can increase your earnings by playing more. Anyone who registers can listen to selected radio stations in Current and earn points, which are in-app currency. There are numerous chances for you to earn Points while the media is being played back. Watch out for significant updates as we continue to add new ways to earn.
There are also ways you can get paid more money per play, it can be determined by the amount of your profile that has been done and the amount of time you are consuming determine how quickly you earn.

2. Music Xray


Performers and musicians can post their songs on, a website where they can also get paid for listening to music. It’s an online platform that links artists with talent scouts. In 2009, the New York City-based music technology company Musicxray was launched. Every day, numerous songs are posted to their platform. Users have the option of listening to any song they want.
These musicians and performers pay a fee to advertise their songs while gathering an audience by sending their music to the website and gaining supporters. To listen to your preferred music and make money, you can also register as a fan.

3. HitPredictor


You can earn rewards from HitPredictor for voicing your thoughts on fresh music. But it doesn’t provide any assurances that you will receive rewards for finishing the tasks they present.
HitPredictor may be familiar to music lovers who are searching for ways to make money. It is a website that offers rewards in exchange for you expressing your thoughts on newly released music.

4. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is among the most reputable and recognized platform that pays users for listening to brand-new songs prior to when they come out. After listening to a song, they ought to require you to submit a review. This is an excellent means for you to express yourself and get paid if you enjoy spending time listening to songs.
You are unable to select which tunes to listen to. Slicethepie chooses them randomly for you to hear. Per the review, the payment varies from $0.03 to $0.15. Despite not appearing to be much, it adds up. As soon as you have $10 or more, you can withdraw your money using PayPal. Joining is totally free.



Similar to Swagbucks, Earnably pays its users for finishing quick tasks online, such as taking surveys, and watching videos by giving them immediate cash and gift cards. However, unlike other apps, it fails to provide you with rewards for playing games.
By enjoying your favorite jams, you can use Earnably to earn money and redeem gift cards. By tuning in to your preferred radio stations, you can accumulate points. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards from your preferred merchants and brands or for immediate PayPal money. You could refer somebody to EARNABLY via your unique referral link and get 10% of their earnings for life.

How it Works and What is Required

There are specific requirements to be paid for your musical tastes: To begin, you must be over the age of 18 and own a PayPal account. After that, register with one or two of the numerous paid music streaming platform or apps. After you’ve registered, you can begin making money while enjoying your jams! The majority of these platforms or applications will pay you according to how long you listen to music; the more frequently you listen, the more revenue you can earn.

Pros and Cons of Earning Money by Listening To Music


While there are numerous opportunities to earn money while enjoying music, there are also a few possible dangers that you ought to be mindful of before beginning.
Positively, making money while you listen to music is an excellent strategy to supplement your income during downtime. With just an internet connection and a pair of a headset, you can do it whenever and wherever you want! Several ways exist to get paid for listening to music, including writing music reviews for websites or blogs or using online services like SliceThePie.


Before earning money from enjoying music, there are a few drawbacks to take into account.

  • First of all, it might be challenging to locate good music for listening to if you are unfamiliar with a specific genre or artist.
  • Second, you could not be paid for your work and effort. For example, some sites only make payments for a specific kind of review, and others might wait until your earnings reach a certain amount (which can be challenging if you simply listen in your free time).
  • Finally, based on the amount of time you devote listening, you may not generate a lot of money – so think about whether it’s worth your time before starting.

How to Select the Best Music Platforms

Nowadays, there are a lot of music streaming services available, making it difficult to choose the one that is best for you. When selecting a music platform, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The genre of music you wish to hear: If you have a particular preference, make sure that the site you select has the music that you’re searching for since some platforms specialize in particular musical genres.
  • The amount you are prepared to spend: Some platforms charge a fee for signing up every month and others are free. Before making a choice, take into account your financial capabilities.
  • What additional features are you searching for: If you’ve been interested in extra features like musical performances and merchandise, ensure that the platform you choose offers those choices.
  • Spend some time researching your options and selecting the platform that best meets your requirements. With so many excellent options available, there is bound to be one that is ideal for you!

Tips to Get Paid $400 Daily From Listening Music For Free

  1. Sign up for a music listening website or app: Numerous websites or apps will pay you for listening to your jams. SlicethePie, Music Xray, and HitPredictor are a few examples.
  2. Check the reputation of the website before registering: There are several fraudulent schemes out there, therefore make sure to do the necessary research. Examine customer feedback and the Better Business grading of the company.
  3. Join several music platforms: By doing this, you’ll be able to earn more money. The more music sites you use, the greater your chances you’re going to earn money while listening to music.
  4. Listen more frequently: You are required to listen actively if you want to profit from these websites or apps.
  5. Regularly withdraw money: Once you’ve earned a certain amount, most of these platforms will let you withdraw money. This can vary from platform to platform but typically ranges from $10-$50. Cashing out regularly will help you maximize your earning potential.



All in all, it’s possible to get paid $400 daily by listening to music for free. You can do this by joining the streaming platform mentioned above and creating playlists that will be posted on the platform. By doing this, you will have access to a wide variety of music, which you can use as inspiration while creating your unique playlists. Additionally, if you can successfully market yourself and your playlists on social media, you may even be able to make more money than the average person.

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