Money is What Makes the World Go Round

The phrase “money is what makes the world go round” is one of the most used phrases in the world today. One of the facts is that most things in the world cost money. One of the most valuable resources in an economic system is money. “Money makes the world go ’round,” in fact. This is because the common means of transaction is money. We receive payment for our goods and services, which we later utilize to purchase goods and services from other people.

The saying, “money makes the world go round” is frequently employed to suggest that money functions as a catalyst in the world. It implies that financial factors impact all facets of life, including politics, business, and even interpersonal relationships. The statement emphasizes how money shapes and influences people’s decisions and behaviors, and how much of an impact it has on many facets of society.

Money has consistently served as the primary motivator behind our behaviour, even as young children. Everything we strive for is financial gain, from doing housework for pocket money to landing a first-time job to make money for independence.

Origin of The Phrase “Money Makes the World Go Round”

Sally Bowles performed the song “Money Makes the World Go Round” in the musical “Cabaret,” and she was not mistaken. It was written in the 1960’s, the play had a depressing plot.

When someone has no money at all, the value of money becomes abundantly evident. For this reason, you should educate yourself about money matters as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself in a situation like this. You want to be financially free.
The world will be much more accessible once you’ve gained financial literacy and can earn more than you need to live.

At that point, you’ll have the knowledge and independence to decide how and when to spend your money. True esteem can only be gained through carrying out the right thing and having high moral standards, regardless of one’s financial status. Due to how they treat others, there are quite several wealthy people in the world who are wealthy yet lack respect. So, treat people with kindness both when wealthy and not.

One significant mistake we commit is to mistake success for money. Our obsession with money has led us to prioritize it over happiness and even life itself. The world we live in today is selfish due to the never-ending chase of wealth. Many necessities are beyond the reach of money, something that people seem to forget.

Conclusion About the Phrase “Money is What Makes the World Go Round”

Analyze it. To make money, you must go to work when you wake up. To survive, you must trade goods or services for cash. Sure, money can’t buy everything, but it sure can make a difference. The unfortunate truth is that although neither the world nor we are faultless, money does make the world go round. It should not be the case, but it is.

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