If you’re searching for the best affiliate programs for cyber security, you’ve come to the ideal site. The internet, the digital world is where our society is based more and more. Through the internet, modern technology has improved the convenience and connectivity of our social and professional life.

On the other hand, there are dangers online that might risk our financial security and personal privacy. Software engineers are constantly devising new and inventive ways to combat cybercriminals and fraudsters who remain to target individuals online. The cybersecurity market provides affiliate marketers with an excellent chance to get involved in a thriving industry that is only intended to expand over time. The finest cybersecurity affiliate programs I have uncovered are listed below.

So, let’s dive right into it.

What is cybersecurity?

The process of protecting networks, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, and data against destructive digital assaults is known as cyber security.

Benefits of cybersecurity

  1. Security against foreign invaders.
  2. greater productivity
  3. both value and cost savings.
  4. Security against domestic attacks.
  5. Brand recognition and loyalty.
  6. More effective data management.
  7. Maintains websites from crashing.

Best Cybersecurity Affiliate Program

1. Perimeter81


This is a CyberSecurity Company VPN and Zero Trust Network as a Service. Perimeter 81 was founded in 2018 by cybersecurity and SaaS specialists Amit Bareket and Sagi Gidali as their second security business. It is intended to secure networks and make cloud security easier for today’s digital workforce. To accomplish this, they are replacing conventional network security technology with a single unified Zero Trust Network as a Service. They’ve increasingly gained a diverse number of companies, from medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500s, from a variety of fields, including SaaS and technology, healthcare, finance, and more.

Perimeter81 Affiliate Program

If you register as an affiliate in Perimeter81 and once you are approved, you be provided with unique links, banners, infographics, and logos. As a perimeter81 affiliate, you’ll be paid between $400 to $1000 per sale you bring their way. They have a 45-day cookie duration and high Conversion Rates for Cybersecurity Affiliates. Your income is entirely dependent on your customers. Your income will increase as your customer base grows. So, I believe it is a good program for earning a decent amount of money.
Commission: $400 to $1000 per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 Days
Payout Methods: PayPal, wire transfer, and Bitcoin.
Affiliate Network: None.

Benefits of The Perimeter81 Affiliate Program

  1. Excellent Commission and High Conversion.
  2. Wide and dependable product.
  3. Monthly addition of new marketing materials.
  4. You will be given the Assistance You Need to Achieve success.
  5. Exclusive Deals for Top Affiliates.
  6. Affiliates are paid on time.

2. Avast


Avast is well-known for its ability to protect the computer system from malicious software. Prague, Czechia, is where Avast was first established. The majority of people are familiar with Avast antivirus software. The leading antivirus provider is Avast. Their software was created for Windows, Mac, and Andréotti. It provides a fully secure system with paid and free features. Avast provides a variety of tools in addition to basic antivirus software, such as password authentication,  webcam shield, data shredder, and more. Avast is used by millions of people. They provide the ideal antivirus software in the market. Their brand is well-known in the cybersecurity field, which helps them stand out. Avast is used in approximately 186 countries all over the world.

Avast Affiliate Program

If you register as an affiliate in Avast and once you are approved, you be provided with unique links, banners, and infographics. Avast pays their affiliates 35% per sale they bring their way and they have a cookie duration of 60 days. Their affiliate program is hosted and managed by Commission Junction(CJ).
Commission: 35% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Payout Methods: wire transfer.
Affiliate Network: Commission Junction(CJ).

Benefits of The Avast Affiliate Program

  1. Wide range of marketing materials.
  2. It’s simple to sign up.
  3. Throughout your first month in the program, you will earn a 35% commission on all sales.
  4. top-tier affiliates receive unique benefits.

3. BrickHouse Security


Since 2005, BrickHouse Security has been a top supplier of security monitoring systems. They only provide security! Their experts in their fields, their team members continuously keep their hands on the pulse of the market, whether it be by having to travel the globe looking for the right innovative products or by thoroughly testing each item we carry to make sure it lives up to their exceptionally high standards for quality. We are committed to giving you the best products out there. They offer goods and services to meet the needs of enterprises, big and small, which include 400 Fortune 500 companies and more than 40,000 small firms globally. We also serve over 2,500 domestic and international law enforcement agencies with solutions.

BrickHouse Security Affiliate Program

Affiliates of BrickHouse Security will have access to multiple promotional tools for their campaigns, such as banner ads, logos, and text links. They have collaborated with Commission Junction. The commission rate varies by nation, and to learn more, you must contact their affiliate team via email support.
Commission: Contact via email(
Cookie Duration: Contact via email(
Payout Methods: wire transfer.
Affiliate Network: Commission Junction(CJ).

4. Heimdal Security


Heimdal Security wants to make the internet a safer place for all companies, including for people, in line with their values.  We are aware that as businesses grow larger, cybersecurity could be an increasingly difficult burden for them.
They aim to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity latest technology in a fully integrated and user-friendly package. Cybersecurity is already complicated, which is why they believe their clients must have access to the latest advanced technology without having to give up countless man-hours to complete the task.

Heimdal Security Affiliate Program

Heimdal pays their affiliates 75% commissions per sale they bring their way and they have a 90-day cookie duration. They collaborated with the ShareASale affiliate network. Affiliates of Heimdal will have access to multiple promotional materials for their campaigns, such as banner ads, and text links.
Commission: 75% per sale
Cookie Duration:90 Days
Payout Methods: Payoneer and wire transfer.
Affiliate Network: ShareASale.

Benefits of The Heimdal Security Affiliate Program

  1. Outstanding internal multilingual support.
  2. Award-winning software security products as well as a broad selection of promotional materials.
  3. Performance-based bonus payments
  4. Largest revenue share within the sector.

5. Astra Web Security


It was established in 2013 in both France and India. A site like Web application firewalls is protected by Astra web security. It has antivirus software built in. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the field of cybersecurity. Regardless of the threat or the location of the attack, all you want is full protection.

Astra Web Security Affiliate Program

Earn lifetime 25% commissions by joining the Astra affiliate program. Earn money by defending websites against malware and hackers. Make the online world a safer place while getting paid for it and they have a 60-day cookie duration.
Commission: 25% per sale
Cookie Duration:60 Days
Payout Methods: PayPal.
Affiliate Network: None.

How It Works

  1. Register as an affiliate: Registering with them takes less than a minute.
  2. Refer people to Astra by using your unique affiliate link and the massive amount of advertising material they will provide.
  3. Receive 25% in continual commissions: Convert your links and watch the money roll in.

Benefits Of Astra Web Security Affiliate Program

  1. You will always be paid timely.
  2. Get help at every phase of your success journey.
  3. Offer your visitor security at a reduced price.

6. Panda Security


Panda Security, a firm of WatchGuard, prompts you to learn more about WatchGuardONE. Panda Dome, the newest digital protection technology, can help you secure your clients. They provide cybersecurity tailored to your business size. They provide the security that your customers need and require. Expand your company alongside a cybersecurity leading company. Their  B2B partner program is designed for businesses that wish to expand their brand with new cybersecurity options from WatchGuard and Panda Security.

Panda Security Affiliate Program

Promote our selection of consumer items by signing up for our affiliate program. Receive commissions on all sales made through any channel. On all eligible sales (of any product and services), you will receive a 50% commission, and they have a cookie period of 30 days. Commission Junction is in charge of running its program.
Commission: 50% per sale
Cookie Duration:30 Days
Payout Methods: wire transfer.
Affiliate Network: Commission Junction.

Benefits Of The Panda Security Affiliate Program

  1. The average order value is €50.
  2. Discounts for affiliates are available.
  3. Assistance with campaign preparation and execution.

7. ESET Security


ESET was officially founded in the year 1992. As a multinational provider of digital security, they safeguard millions of clients and countless businesses around the world. Some of the world’s largest corporations have placed their trust in them. Daily, dozens and dozens of experts in their 13 R&D centers located all over the world, work to ensure that protection is always prepared for the next step in technological progress.

ESET Security Affiliate Program

Earn 20% commission whenever a visitor clicks from your site to ESET and purchases. As an ESET partner, you can choose from any of their approved methods and advertising resources to promote ESET items and special offers on your channel and website. They provide their affiliates with promotional materials to help their campaigns be less stressful. Their affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction and they have a 45-day cookie duration.
Commission: 20% per sale
Cookie Duration:45 Days
Payout Methods: wire transfer.
Affiliate Network: Commission Junction.

Benefits Of The ESET Security Affiliate Program

  1. A variety of products.
  2. Recurring income from renewals and new purchases.
  3. Profit from each transaction.
  4. High-end security technology is in high demand.
  5. Marketing materials and assistance are included.

8. NordLayer


A capable VPN-based network access security solution, NordLayer (the service previously known as NordVPN Teams) is available for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups with small teams to large corporations with numerous networks to secure. NordLayer is a subsidiary of NordVPN that provides excellent network security solutions at a reasonable price.

NordLayer Affiliate Program

NordLayer has the goal of safeguarding businesses all over the world by establishing secure access to the network. Join NordLayer’s top affiliate program to make money while supporting their efforts to keep businesses secure. If your referral selects the monthly plan, you’ll receive 50% of new signups and 40% of renewals. If your referral selects the annual plan, you’ll receive 40% on new signups and 30% on renewals. They have a 30-day cookie duration.
Commision: 30% to 50% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Payout Methods: PayPal.
Affiliate Network: None.

Benefits of NordLayer Affiliate Program

  1. The conversion rate is very high.
  2. Commissions are generous.
  3. Management of accounts with dedication.
  4. conversion of various traffic.

9. Kaspersky Cybersecurity


Modern AI technology is used in every Kaspersky plan to identify and prevent any kind of online threat, even ones that have never existed before. Consequently, each time you access the internet.
Eugene Kaspersky, a leader in the field of cybersecurity and CEO since 2007, established the business in 1997 after creating a ground-breaking selection of antivirus modules.
They have grown to become the largest privately held cybersecurity business in the world, dedicated to combating cybercrime while upholding the highest level of professional honesty and openness.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Affiliate Program

The Kaspersky Affiliate Program enables affiliates to profit from bringing in any qualifying sales of Kaspersky security products by promoting their products online. They have a 45-day cookie duration and they pay their affiliate a 20% commission.
Commission: 20% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 Days
Payout Methods: Wire Transfer.
Affiliate Network: Commission Junction(CJ).

Benefit Of The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Affiliate Program

  1. Establish a profitable fresh source of income for your company.
  2. Receive higher commission rates based on traffic quality and quantity.
  3. Launch exclusive promotional offers and competitions through their affiliate channel.

10. Ethical Hackers Academy


The business was launched in 2012 by a group of security experts and is now controlled by eLearn Programming. Ethical Hackers Academy has arisen a long way since its inception. Their passion for Ethical Hackers Academy when they first started was to provide the best Cyber Security courses.
Ethical Hackers Academy is a global online learning platform that teaches highly developed cyber security and ethical hacking knowledge to students from over 100 nations. are devoted to providing the best learning experience to improve cyber security, and they are delighted to be a part of the internet and the limitless possibilities to provide a learning environment for IT security professionals and students.

Ethical Hackers Academy Affiliate Program

We’ve set the affiliate designed to track cookie’s expiry date to a month so you won’t miss out on any opportunities to make sales. All you need to do to start earning is promote the courses. As a partner, you will be paid a 12% commission if somebody clicks your unique affiliate link and buys or registers for a course.
Commission: 12% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Payout Methods: Not disclosed.
Affiliate Network: Not disclosed.

Benefits Of The Ethical Hackers Academy Affiliate Program

  1. Real-time monitoring.
  2. Conversion rates are much higher.
  3. Simple to Begin and Sustain
  4. considerate commissions.

11. StationX Cybersecurity Company


At StationX, everything that they do is focused on achieving a single goal: improving global security in order to create a stronger future. They accomplish this by guiding people into becoming outstanding cybersecurity experts through specialized training, career roadmaps, and our vibrant community.
They have the company’s fastest-growing archive of cyber security and IT coaching. They collaborate with an elite community of trainers, professionals, and cutting-edge learning providers to just provide high-quality coaching that is available online at any time and from any location.
Their training has profited over 500,000 students in over 195 nations to date, earning us the reputable AI Cyber Security Educator of the Year 2020 Award.

StationX Cybersecurity Affiliate Program

Hundreds of the top affiliates in the sector have collaborated with StationX because they have the most lucrative affiliate program in the cyber security sector.
Their commission structure is straightforward: they pay you an industry-leading 30%-40% commission on all of our courses and training sales you send their way. They provide a cookie duration of 1800 days, which is above average. They will give you all of the necessary promotional materials, swipe copy, and unique tracking links.
Commission: 30%-40% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 1800 Days
Payout Methods: Contact via email(
Affiliate Network: Contact via email(

Benefits Of StationX Cybersecurity Affiliate Program

  1. They give affiliates all resources needed to succeed.
  2. They pay the most in commissions.
  3. The top-notch training will be loved by your audience.

12. IT Governance


Due to the complexity of cyber risk management, there’s no one-size-fits-all fix. IT Governance’s cybersecurity services and solutions can be customized to meet the specifications and demands of any company. They have everything you require to help and boost your security program, from consulting services to training, staff awareness programs, security testing, documentation toolkits, standards, software, books, and guides.

IT Governance Affiliate Program

They offer their affiliates a commission of 10% on every sale made by one of their customers. With an average conversion rate of 6% and normal order values of over $200, you could start making over $20 for each transaction very quickly.
Commission: 10% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Payout Methods: Wire Transfer.
Affiliate Network: AWIN.

Benefits of IT Governance Affiliate Program

  1. Boost your income.
  2. Select products that are appropriate for your company.
  3. raise the level of your market authority.
  4. Stress-free.

13. Havoc Shield


Havoc Security is a complete cybersecurity solution created specifically for small businesses. An affordable suite of cybersecurity tools designed for small businesses to stop malware, meet compliance standards, and relieve you of the burden of developing a cybersecurity program.

Havoc Shield Affiliate Program

They pay their affiliates a 30% commission for every qualified sale you bring their way, and they have a cookie duration of 60 days. They provide their affiliates with promotional materials to help them make more sales and earn more money. In this scenario, the three people the customer, the affiliate, and the company benefits.
Commission: 30% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Minimum payout: $100
Payout Methods: Bank transfers, Paypal, Checks, and Wire Transfer.
URL: Havoc Shield Affiliate Program

Benefits of The Havoc Shield Affiliate Program

  1. Havoc Shield has multiple payout methods for its affiliates.
  2. They provide numerous promotional materials to make their affiliate’s campaign less stressful.
  3. They have a long cookie duration.

14. StartMail

StartMail Affiliate Program
StartMail Affiliate Program

StartMail is an all-inclusive secure email solution that safeguards your information, online activity, and data protection. It has attributes like additional secure data storage, dispensed alias email addresses, and ownership that will fend off unauthorized intrusion. It is rapidly gaining popularity, has simple one-click encryption, and has very transparent terms of service.

StartMail Affiliate Program

It costs nothing to sign up for their affiliate program. During the first year, affiliates will end up receiving 100% commission on any Eligible Purchase (Net Sales Value). All of our affiliate partnerships are highly valued by them. Once the overall earnings reach $100, commissions can be paid out every month. Their conversion rate ranges from 2% to 4.5%.

Commission: 100% commission per sale in the first year
Cookie Duration: 45 Days
Payout Methods: Bank Transfer and PayPal.
Affiliate Network: None.

Benefits of the StartMail Affiliate Program

  • Their affiliate program is free to join.
  • High commission.
  • Long cookie duration.
  • They provide high-converting promotional materials.

Before We Conclude

A quick tip: why not partake and earn more money by promoting the appropriate affiliate programs that suit your requirements? In this blog post, there seem to be loads of companies that will offer you high commissions as an affiliate in exchange for bringing in new clients or customers. This blog post will be updated frequently as I uncover more reputable cybersecurity affiliate programs with strong goods, operations, and commissions.



This brings us to the end of our review of the best cybersecurity affiliate programs I could uncover so far. The cybersecurity field is growing. As our lives become more digitized, cybersecurity will grow into a more critical component of our daily lives. I strongly advise you to join one of the reputable brands mentioned above as an affiliate. As you can see, if you treat the cybersecurity market accurately, you can begin to make a sizable profit. Feel free to drop any comments, questions, or problems in the space provided below.

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