Dirty Ways to Make Money
Dirty Ways to Make Money
Dirty Ways to Make Money

If you are in search of some dirty ways to make money both online and offline, then this article will be of great use to you. Even though there are several dirty ways to earn money, some are weirder than others. Making additional money online or offline may be done through various shady means and filthy jobs.
So let’s dive into the article about the strangest, craziest, dirtiest, and most overlooked legitimate internet professions and ways to earn money.

Here are The Dirty Ways to Make Money

1. Sell Feet Pics

Sell Feet Pics
Sell Feet Pics

People indeed sell images of their feet, and it’s not all that odd. Selling images of feet is simple, useful, and lucrative.
To demonstrate, illustrate, or promote products, companies, stock photo websites, beauty consultancies, online marketers, movie production companies, bloggers, and foot aficionados look for feet images.

Regularly sharing images from the comfort of your home might provide passive income for the excess in your financial plan!
When buying and selling foot photographs online, safety comes foremost. After everything is set up, you need to pamper your feet before taking photographs and listing them for sale on various websites.

You might be wondering who in their sane sense will buy your feet pics. In addition to the obvious, numerous persons or organizations need foot photos. Among them are some of the following:

  • Pictures websites.
  • Websites offering foot care for those getting pedicures.
  • Vendors want to sell jewellery for the feet.
  • Shoe companies promoting innovative footwear.
  • For commercial purposes, modelling firms want foot models.

The following websites allow you to sell images of your feet for money:

2. Sell Your Hair

If you’ve got exceptionally long hair and are considering cutting it, keep in mind that there are people all over the world who will likely pay a decent amount for hair that will be used to make wigs, accessories, extensions, and other things. Shoppers are looking for hair that has not undergone any sort of treatment or colouring. The amount of money that your hair will bring in will increase as it becomes longer and fuller.
To get your hair in tip-top shape to increase the chance of your hair being sold you need to follow these three steps:

  • Preparing Your Hair for Sale: For you to be set for this step, you need to first have unkept hair because natural hair has a higher value. Secondly, you need to wash and clean your hair and style it to bring out the beauty of the hair. Lastly, you need to grow and maintain your hair to even lengths and finally cut your hair smoothly to get a higher chance to sell it at a higher price.
  • Find a place to sell your hair: In this stage, you need to sell your hair for a beneficial amount of money. The websites or platform to sell your hair includes Bloomsbury, eBay, HairSellon, BuyandSellHair, and World Of Wigs.
  • Package your hair: When you’ve successfully sold your hair you need to package it and deliver it to the buyer.

3. Sell Used Underwear

Sell Used Underwear
Sell Used Underwear

You might be thinking that this cannot possibly be true. You can’t possibly sell worn underpants for cash and genuinely make money from it, can you? Keep reading to learn more about this weirdly profitable side business, which is also one of the easiest to start.
Some people are doing well by earning money online by selling their worn underwear. also, socks? I won’t even begin to discuss how much money you can make online by selling your worn socks.

Now, I understand that this side business isn’t for everybody. So I feel like this has earned its way to be mentioned in this article as one of the dirty ways to make money online.
When selling used underwear you should indicate to the buyer that it is already used.
If you’re still interested in making money from this method, these are the following websites to sell your used underwear:

  • Esty
  • Worn Desires

4. Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection
Garbage Collection

To make a lot of money from this side hustle, you may charge the city as cooperation so that when you and your team gather the trash for a fee that covers their operational costs, including the expense of operating the garbage trucks and paying employees to pick up waste, as well as an extra sum which constitutes profit, to make a lot of revenue from this side business. The secret is to provide the service to a city for a bit less than what the competition is offering while still turning a profit.
If you’re interested in this type of way to make money, here are the equipment that is needed to run a successful operation:

  • Mobile Garbage Bins
  • Trash Cans
  • Electric Tuggers
  • Dumpster Waste Tippers for Comfortable Waste Disposal
  • Industrial Trash Compactors

5. Sewage Cleaning

Operating a sewage cleaning company is one of the dirtiest—yet necessary—jobs out there. Sewage contractors need solid communication skills, effective workflows, and an efficient tracking system for assessing particular field maintenance metrics in addition to technical knowledge of sewages and the right tools for the job.

A sewage draining company may specialize in one particular component of the system, such as cleansing or pumping, or it may provide entire sewage system maintenance and repair services. Additionally, your business may specialize in clearing public sewer lines, repairing portable toilets on construction sites, or cleansing grease traps for nearby eateries.
Whatever the season, the sewage drainage company market is brimming with chances for residential as well as business service providers. Knowing your market and giving the appropriate messages at the appropriate times is all that is required.
If you’re interested in this type of way to make money, here are the equipment that are needed to run a successful operation:

  • Portable Pump Set
  • Sectional Sewer Rods
  • Sewer Cleaning Machine
  • Dredger
  • Scraper

6. Toilet Cleaner


This has earned its way to be mentioned in this article. The majority of people are disgusted with toilet cleaning, yet someone has to deal with it because it’s a disgusting job. You could potentially earn a good amount of money doing it if you’re ready to work hard while getting your hands dirty.

When thinking to make money from this method there are two ways to go for it you may either establish a personal toilet cleaning startup or work for a firm that cleans restrooms.
While starting your own business might be more risky and time-consuming, working for a firm is frequently more reliable and pays per hour.

In the beginning, starting your own business will require more labour, but in the long run, you may expect to make more money. The joy of being your boss will also be a bonus. So, if you are okay with having your hands dirty, restroom maintenance may be a very lucrative job.

7. Washing Pets


Many pet owners don’t even have the time to wash their pet when it becomes dirty, and this is when you come to play. People frequently choose a pet wash as a deluxe service for their beloved friends. Numerous pet owners engage experienced experts or go to pet wash facilities because they just lack the time, knowledge, resources, or desire to wash their animals themselves.

A pet wash is an ideal spot to launch a small company if you have expertise in grooming pets, love animals, and want to work with people and animals. It will need considerable preparation, funding, and research just like any other firm. We’ll walk you through every step of the procedure below.

You must conduct extensive market research before opening your dog wash business to determine the size of your industry. Before diving into this money-making method you need to ask yourself the following questions: Will you install a grooming salon or only equipment for coin-operated pet washing? Existing kennels in the neighbourhood that might be converted into pet wash? Are there any well-known dog-friendly areas or prominent dog parks around you? Several arrangements may be used, and they all need various tools and levels of expertise.

8. Work in a Slaughterhouse

Work in a Slaughterhouse
Work in a Slaughterhouse

This type of business has earned its way to this article. A slaughterhouse is a location where animals are killed and prepared for human consumption and other uses, including the production of meat and animal products. Public abattoirs are now in a terrible and disgusting state.

Private abattoir management is yet untapped wealth. Depending on the funding available, abattoirs can range in size from tiny to enormous. Cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs are among the common animals butchered at abattoirs. Anyone entering this industry should not only manufacture goods but also add value to them.

9. Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

This type of way to make money is not frequently seen but it has earned its spot in this article. Gutter cleaning can be time-consuming and challenging, but it’s required to prevent clogs and severe structural damage. The moment is right for you to launch your own gutter cleaning company. You may start a company from home, earn decent money, and help the community at the same time with little initial cost.
Although homeowners are capable of removing this material on their own, many choose not to because they find climbing a ladder uncomfortable or time-consuming. Instead, they hire a gutter cleaning company to remove the debris that over time accumulates in their gutters, such as leaves and twigs.

10. Work as a Janitor

Work as a Janitor
Work as a Janitor

If you like getting your hands dirty, then being a janitor will be an extremely satisfying working option. In addition to helping to maintain a school tidy and safe for children, you also get to work and be paid well.

In reality, the average janitor makes more than $25 per hour, according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, there are numerous possibilities to pick up additional hours and make even more cash because many schools require custodial personnel on a continuous schedule.

Thus, if you’re seeking a steady job with a high earning potential, think about working as a janitor. You could find it to be the ideal match.


We have come to the end of the article, many people may say they might not imagine themselves performing many of the dirty ways to make money I’ve described above, but I’m aware that other people don’t find them bothersome. You are now aware of the numerous dirty works you can embark on and still be rewarded for it.
Please feel free to drop a comment or two in the space provided below and also share it with anyone you feel it could be of good use.
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