Easy Ways to Watch Videos and Get Paid Paypal
Easy Ways to Watch Videos and Get Paid Paypal
Easy Ways to Watch Videos and Get Paid Paypal

If you’ve been wondering and wishing to make money stress-free like watching videos and getting paid for it, then wonder no more because in this article we will be taking on the ways to watch videos and get paid via PayPal.

It’s much simpler than you might imagine to make money viewing videos. It’s a very easy approach to get additional cash as you probably already watch movies and commercials online in your free time. It’s important to keep in mind that not all of these methods are simple, and some of them demand more effort than merely watching movies. While some applications pay you to view web videos, others only demand basic creativity. Currently, a few of these applications allow users to earn money in ways other than by watching videos. Thus, you should take advantage of all available earning opportunities in the app if you’re looking to increase your income.

Generally speaking, you will make more money by putting more work into a project.
So, let’s cut to the chase and dive right into it!

How to Watch Videos and Get Paid Paypal

It’s about time to discuss the top platforms that will pay you in Paypal to watch videos, once you are aware of what to anticipate when it comes to these applications’ earning possibilities. All of these apps have been tried by me and my friends, therefore the information I’ll be sharing is based on actual usage.
I’ll say it once more These apps require you to put in effort.
This list will be updated as new possibilities become available, so pin this website and return frequently.

1. Watch videos for money on Swagbucks and Get Paid in Paypal


Swagbucks is a fantastic activity website that allows you to have actual money transferred into your PayPal account in exchange for making the required activity on sites. You can still earn Swagbucks points, which can be converted to actual money, by conducting surveys and viewing movies online.

Online purchases from any of Swagbucks‘ partner stores, especially Amazon, are going to make you a great deal of money.
If you’re just lazily scrolling through YouTube, you could be putting your smartphone — and your free time — to more productive use by earning money to watch videos using the Swagbucks application or site.
If you work hard enough, you can routinely earn $5 each day watching videos on Swagbucks. There are numerous video categories to choose from. They are as follows: Recreation, Food, Household, Health, Technology, and Travel.

2. Watch videos for money on KashKick and Get Paid in Paypal


Kashkick allows you to make money by viewing videos, taking surveys, or performing other online daily tasks, such as installing particular programs to gain cashback.
You can register and log in using PayPal, Facebook, Google account, or email, making it simple to sign up for an account. As with many other apps that allow you to make money, you’ll need to approve or validate the details of your account via email account.

The majority of Kashkick offers revolve around playing video games, installing apps, shopping online, or grabbing special offers. However, visiting the Games option provides opportunities to view instructive films. However, most of these possibilities only pay a cent.
PayPal enables you to get your payments every week.
Numerous reward and rewards programs enable users to earn money online, but determining which of them to trust is difficult. People are frequently duped into providing sensitive data without acquiring the rewards that were promised.

3. Watch videos for money on PrizeRebel and Get Paid in Paypal


PrizeRebel pays you to answer surveys, watch video commercials, and perform various simple online everyday tasks. Additionally, its social media profiles offer chances to earn additional rewards and pay for referrals.
You will progress through stages depending on your points. Higher levels include benefits such as bonuses, quick prize preparation, and price savings.
Once you have $5 in earnings, you can cash out through PayPal, direct deposit, or gift cards. Transfers usually arrive within a day.
To begin, simply login to PrizeRebel and you can get paid to view movies, with PayPal being the most popular method of payment.

4. Watch videos for money on MyPoints and Get Paid in Paypal


MyPoints is a different respected cash-back application and website where you may earn points to exchange for gift cards. If you exchange your profits for a Visa gift card, which is usable anyplace that accepts Visa, this is almost as good as earning cash. MyPoints is currently providing a $5 welcome prize when you sign up.
Similar to Kashkick, MyPoints doesn’t offer a lot of ways for users to accrue points or money by watching movies. The majority of your points will come from online purchasing, completing surveys, nothing videos or participating in games.

5. Watch videos for money on InboxDollars and Get Paid in Paypal


By performing various tasks, such as viewing videos or filling out surveys, members of InboxDollars have the chance to get money. To help make things exciting and enjoyable as you make money, there are a few distinct categories accessible.
To provide one of the most powerful platforms available, InboxDollars has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the world.

One of the most trustworthy and reliable survey websites for earning money online is InboxDollars. With more than 37 thousand customer evaluations on Trustpilot, InboxDollars has a 4.2 out of 5 rating. 

It costs nothing to join InboxDollars and start earning money for online tasks like paid surveys and other activities. You’ll need an electronic device with an Internet connection to register. Most of their users utilize their tablets, PCs, or smartphones in their free time to make money through the platform.

6. Watch videos for money on WeAre8 and Get Paid in Paypal


I suggest WeAre8 if you would like to get rewarded for watching videos and changing the world. You may go through the mobile application social network feed-like interface and pick which videos you want to watch for a few minutes every day.
It contains brief videos on a variety of subjects, including poverty, animals, health, and education. Payment is given to one of WeAre8’s affiliated charities for each video you watch.
Additionally, you are compensated for every video and have the option of receiving payments to your PayPal account.

7. Watch videos for money on FeaturePoints and Get Paid in Paypal


You can earn by utilizing the FeaturePoints site or mobile application, which are both available for download for IOS and Android users. However, you only have access to the majority of their available films through their applications. As a result, using the app is very necessary. The fact that it will function on iOS and Android devices is a plus.

Additionally, it has a very low payment threshold of 5 dollars, and after you’ve reached it, you may choose to withdraw your money using PayPal, transfer it to Bitcoin, or get one of several gift cards.
Along with watching videos, there are other ways to make money using the platform besides that, including surveys, free contests, referring friends, and cash-back deals.

8. Get Paid to Write Subtitles for Video Content

In this scenario, you getting paid to at first watch a video as much as possible and then create a subtitle for the videos.
Writing subtitles and transcripts can take a lot of time. So, to conserve time, certain publishers of content use independent contractors to compose their video subtitles.
You may locate freelancers who will write subtitles for movies for money on websites like Fiverr. To obtain an idea of the costs, look at what other freelancers demand for similar services.

After that, establish prices you think are fair yet still competitive.
As a general rule, several Fiverr freelancers start charging for writing subtitles at roughly £4.
An added benefit is if you are multilingual. It suggests that you will be able to charge slightly higher rates for freelance video interpretation. Not to mention that it will undoubtedly dazzle potential employers.

9. Create videos and Movie Recaps

Online employment boards for writers frequently seek writers to create summaries of popular films and television programs. For example, Soaps.com posts summaries of popular soap operas. Although the website doesn’t say they’re recruiting, many other websites are comparable to them that might hire freelancers or even staff writers. This is a method of watching entertaining media while earning money. This is lucrative employment because the ad states that the pay ranges from $30 to $40 per hour.

10. Watch videos for money on FusionCash and Get Paid in Paypal

FusionCash is a well-known program that compensates participants for a range of online tasks, such as viewing videos, participating in surveys, finishing offers, and more. Since its inception in 2005, the platform has grown to emerge as one of the most respected digital rewards systems.

Streaming videos serves as one of the most common ways to earn FusionCash rewards. On the site, you may watch a range of videos and more. You will receive a particular amount of points for every video you watch, that you can exchange for money or gift cards.
For those wishing to work from home and make some additional money online, FusionCash is a terrific platform. It’s worthwhile to check out if you’re interested in generating money online because of its high payout rate, sign-up incentive, and wide choice of earning opportunities.

11. Watch videos for money on QuickRewards and Get Paid in Paypal

QuickRewards is a well-known rewards program that rewards users for a variety of online activities such as viewing videos, doing surveys, buying, and a lot more. Since its inception in the year 2002, the platform has steadily grown to emerge as one of the biggest and most prominent online rewards systems.

Watching videos is one of the most common ways to get rewards on QuickRewards. On the site, you may watch a range of videos, such as movie trailers, news segments, and even more. You will gain points with every video you watch, which you can exchange for either cash or gift cards.

QuickRewards’ ability to process payouts quickly is one of its strongest features. Once you meet the required minimum, you will be permitted to cash out your incentives, and payments are usually fulfilled within a single day. This makes earning and redeeming incentives on the platform straightforward
Another advantage of QuickRewards is its low payment threshold level. To pay out what you’ve earned, you simply need to accumulate $5, which is less than several other ways to earn rewards.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous ways to earn money by watching videos on YouTube, including the rewards platforms mentioned above. These platforms allow you to earn credits for a variety of web-based activities such as viewing movies, taking surveys, buying, and several more. You can make some additional cash or gift cards simply by watching movies in your leisure time with a certain amount of hard work and devotion.
Earning money online might be a good way to supplement your income. Watching videos is one of the few additional ways to earn money online.



What platforms pay you to watch videos?

These platforms are already mentioned above such as QuickRewards, FusionCash, Swagbucks, FeaturePoints, MyPoints, WeAre8, and KashKick.

How can I listen to music and get paid?

Several platforms pay you to listen to music. I recommend that you read this piece of article.

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