Suppose you’re searching for a way to make additional money while driving. In that case, there are various driving apps to make money that can assist you in turning your vehicle into an income-generating machine. These apps provide several straightforward ways to make money, including ridesharing, delivery services, and other driving-related work. Continue reading to learn about the top driving apps that are worthwhile to use to earn money right behind the wheel.
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Here Are The Best Driving Apps to Make Money

1. Uber


Uber is a rideshare company that gives people with vehicles a chance to make money either as a main job or as a side hustle. Before you can make money from Uber, you’ll need to follow these steps to gain access and connect with riders. Uber is one of the largest rideshare companies in the market, and it is available in over 60 countries. The exciting part of this driving app is that you can choose the time you can drive at your convenient time. Before we dive into the steps, you’ll first fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must meet the age requirements.
  • You must acquire a driver’s license.
  • You must have the recommended years of experience.
  • You must have a passport photo.
  • You need to own a smartphone.
  • You should have a good working car.

Steps to Make Money with Uber

Step 1: Register with Uber
This is the initial step to take if you want to start making money with Uber. This process is easy. Just jump to the Uber sign-up page and fill in your details and register as a driver. When signing up, you’ll be required to scan your document and upload them to the site. To make it seamless for you, click here to register. If you encounter an issue filling out this registration form, you may contact Uber. This process can be completed on the Uber official site.

Step 2: Download the Uber app
It is essential to download the Uber application on your mobile device because it is through the app you’ll have access to your account. This is where you’ll be operating from and also be alerted on rides. If your driver status has been authorized, you need to enable driver mode in the Uber application. You can begin accepting rider requests and earning money right away.

Step 3: Know your local market
This process will determine the amount of money you’ll be making each day. Not every ride is made equal. Certain locations generate more revenue than the rest. To drive and earn a lot of money, you must do your study. You will earn more money in areas of the town where people have a greater demand for rides compared to others.

There are moments of the day when demands increase; learn about them. Such as the weekends, federal holidays, and festive times will probably see an increase in demand. To determine the ideal times and routes, you can talk to other Uber drivers nearby.
Uber may raise prices once there’s an increased need for drivers in a certain area of the city, but a shortage of drivers. You should take the most advantage of this scenario.

Step 4: Getting paid
This is the main part of even registering with Uber. Receiving payment from Uber is weekly, so before you start receiving money from Uber, you need to insert your payment method. Their payment method is through bank transfer. The majority of drivers earn between $5 and $26 per hour, based on the region in the world they work, before deducting costs like gasoline, taxes, and auto maintenance. Uber occasionally provides new drivers with monetary rewards.

2. Lyft


Lyft is another great platform to start making money while behind the wheel. With the help of this company, you may sign up as a driver-partner and begin offering rides. Uber and it are quite similar, although there are a few minor distinctions. Pay varies depending on what city you’re in, and you can find that a greater number of people in your community use one app over another. Before we dive into the steps of making money with Lyft, you’ll need to reach the following requirements:

  • You need to reach the required age to register.
  • You will need to acquire a driver’s license.
  • You should have a good working car.
  • You’ll need to acquire car insurance.
  • You need to own a smartphone.

Steps to Make Money with Lyft

Step 1: Crete an account
This is the first step to make to start making money from Lyft. In this step, you’ll be required to jump to their official site and fill out the application form by inserting your requested details. In this process, you’ll be required to scan and upload your documents, and it takes about a week to get approved.

Step 2: Take and pass the welcome ride
In this stage, you’ll be set on a meeting with a Lyft mentor who will grade you for the job. At the same time, you will take your mentor for a drive, and this is when your test begins. You may be changed to grab a few tips from your mentor since he or she has experience in this field.

Step 3: Download the Lyft application
After you have passed the welcome ride, you can now download the app and this will be where you will be operating from. You can now start accepting rides to make money.

Step 4: Know and learn from your local community
In this step, you’ll need to bring your A-game strategy. It is advisable to perform detailed research on the lucrative times of the year in your country and take advantage of these opportunities. You can also join networks of drivers and learn a trick or two on how to boost your income rates.

Step 5: Getting paid
This is the main goal of even reading this far. You’ll need to fill in your bank details in the dashboard on your Lyft account to get paid. You can be making from $10 to $30 per hour depending on a variety of factors, such as location, time of the year, and so on.

3. DoorDash


DoorDash comes next, but it works quite differently from the aforementioned driving apps to make money. DoorDash is a meal delivery service that provides a lot of freedom and decent pay. It is accessible in some countries, and signing up is relatively easy. The best part of this platform is that you don’t need to have a car. You just need to have a bicycle or just walk and you’re ready. Yes, right after you sign up.
It is easy to become a dasher, but you’ll need to pass the following requirements:

  • You’ll need to be 18 years or older.
  • You will need to have a smartphone to operate.
  • In the case you will be using a car, you will need to have a valid driver’s license.

Steps to Make Money with DoorDash

Step 1: Sign up
You’ll be required to visit the Doordash official website and fill in your requested details. They will need to go through a vehicle check if you have one and a background check before you are accepted.

Step 2: Download the app
You will be required to download the app and set it up and running. While waiting to get approved you can go through the orientation process to learn everything you are required to know as a doordasher. To get approved it will require 10 business days.

Step 3: Locate and accept orders
In the app, you need to search the local areas where there are more orders by looking at the red spots on the map. In the applications, there are red and gray spots, the red spots are locations where there are more orders placed while the gray spots are where there are fewer orders. You can take advantage of this information, and take and accept a lot of orders while still making a lot of money from Doordash.

Step 4: Getting paid
Before you start making money you will need to connect your bank account to your Doordash dashboard. Doordash pays a range from $8 to $15 per hour, depending on the location you’re in.

4. Bolt


Bolt is a ride-hailing company. A predetermined amount of the earnings are split amongst the driver and the Bolt organization. Bolt drivers use the bolt driver application to operate. Before you start to make money from the Bolt app as a driver you will need to pass the requirements:

  • You will need a driver’s license.
  • You need a good working car.
  • Vehicle license.
  • Car Insurance Certificate.
  • You need a smartphone to receive the ride request.

Steps to Make Money with Bolt

Step 1: Sign up
This is the initial step to start making money with Bolt. Just jump into the bolt sign-up page and register as a bolt driver. Just fill in your requested details on the signup page and to complete the registration, you will be required to upload a passport and other documents.

Step 2: Download the Bolt app
You’ll be required to download the app, the app can be accessed through the apple store and google play store.

Step 3: Get your vehicle inspected and Verified
You will be required to go and apply to the nearest AutoGenius facility to get your vehicle inspected and to get verified, go to Bolt Youverify identity verification portal and request for verification. Note: To request for verification you will be recommended to fill in your details.

Step 4: Getting trained
In this step, you will be invited for a session where you will be oriented on the rules and also be tested. Once you’ve passed the test you’ll be certified to take ride orders.

Step 5: Get paid
To get paid, you’ll be requested to fill in your bank details in your account dashboard. Bolt pays their drivers every week and they usually pay 10% to 20% of the finished ride fee.

5. FedEx


FedEx is a renowned shipping company in all corners of the globe. They have a reputation for dependability and top-notch customer support.
But many people are unaware that FedEx also contracts with drivers to deliver items. For those who seek a more flexible way to generate money while driving, this is a fantastic possibility.
FedEx drivers have to retrieve and deliver items on the schedule. Additionally, when driving, they must adhere to all corporate safety regulations.
FedEx drivers can make a respectable hourly wage in addition to bonuses for hitting or surpassing delivery goals.
Before you’ll be accepted as a FedEx driver, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must have a driver’s license.
  • You should also have some driving experience.
  • You must be at least 21 years.
  • It is required that you have a good educational background.

Steps to Make Money with FedEx

Step 1: Create an account and register
You need to jump into the FedEx carrier page and fill in the requested details. Based on the details you inserted, an option for open positions will be displayed and then you can click the job title that interests you. After you can now create a FedEx account to apply for any of the job openings.

Step 2: Get ready for an interview
If you are asked for an interview, you will have to prepare. Do not underestimate the importance of preparation! Ensure that you are acquainted with the objectives and principles of FedEx. Following the interview, you are going to wait in a neutral area while FedEx decides to see if you are qualified for the position.

Step 3: Delivering Items
After the assessment of your interview, you get the job. Congratulations! Now that you have got the job, you are expected to deliver the items on time to give your best..

Step 4: Getting paid
Getting paid is the main part of reading this part of the blog post. FedEx’s hourly rate ranges from $13 to $31 per hour on average, depending on the location you’re working from.

Note: To make it lucrative from these driving apps, you need to have excellent customer service.


At this juncture, we have come to the end of the driving apps to make money. I believe the aforementioned driving apps have enlightened you on one of the best ways to make money at your convenience time. I’ve brought to you multiple ways to make money from driving, either by partnering with ride-sharing companies or delivering food and items. Feel free to drop in the comment section area provided below which business you will be partnering with.
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Which driving app makes the most money?

From the aforementioned driving apps, I will say that FedEx pays the most.

How can I make money fast with my car?

You can make money fast with your car by driving for Ridesharing apps, delivering food, delivering goods, wrapping your car in advertising, and renting your car when it is not in use.

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