How to Make Money Online Anonymously

If you have been in search of a significant way to make money online without ever revealing your identity, then you are in the right article. Nowadays, there are a ton of options on the internet that allow individuals to work from home and earn money.
There are various methods to do it, regardless of whether to add some extra money to your paycheck or develop a massive online business without disclosing who you are.
The finest strategies to earn money online while being anonymous will be covered in this article. These are companies and websites that allow you to work from home and earn revenue online.
So let’s get started with it!

Here are the 15 Most Lucrative Ways How to Make Money Online Anonymously

These are the ways to make money online that are very lucrative ways to make money online. I will be mentioning the essential things you need to know for you to start and run a business successfully.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

In this section, I will be mentioning what you need to know to start this business model and also be successful at it. First, you need to know what is affiliate marketing.
One of the most successful internet-based businesses is affiliate marketing, in which the affiliate uses their affiliate link to send traffic and generate revenue for the merchant. In exchange, the retailer gives the affiliate a fixed portion of the sales proceeds. The best thing about becoming an affiliate is that you may choose how you want to market the merchant’s goods.

For instance, you might start a blog and direct a certain proportion of your audience who express interest in using your affiliate link to complete a conversion to it.
Affiliate marketing is advantageous to both the business/advertiser and the affiliate/publisher. How? By promoting the merchant’s products they are enthusiastic about, the affiliate raises awareness of and sales for the brand.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in starting affiliate marketing then below are the following steps that are needed to start and run a successful affiliate marketing business.

  • Step 1. Research and pick a niche: To begin with, in affiliate marketing, choose a niche in which you have experience and are passionate about. I advise starting with a specific specialization as opposed to a general one if you are a newbie. For instance, you ought to start with football sports instead of starting with sports. You will draw in a niche audience that will buy from you through this.
  • Step 2. Choose a platform to advertise your work on: You should consider whether your chosen niche accommodates videos or writing while choosing a promotional platform. I constantly advise using one of these platforms to market what you create: Blogs, YouTube, email campaigns, and social media.
  • Step 3. Find and register for affiliate programs and networks: You must sign up for affiliate programs that meet your needs. I advise you to sign up for two-tier affiliate networks so you can earn money regardless of whether you make a transaction or not.
  • Step 4. Create superb content: Insert your affiliate links while creating interesting content. Fitting your affiliate links organically is vital for the success of your affiliate website or channel. Never invent details about a product or service you are not using when you’re trying to sell. For instance, you should purchase the item and use it before posting a review. Once you’ve used it for a while, go over your observations.
  • Step 5. Push users to head to your affiliate website: Wonderful! You currently have a wealth of content. The following stage is to increase the amount of traffic to your content to encourage readers to convert. You might want to employ these free strategies because I regularly employ them to promote my stuff.
  • Step 6. Turn visitors become buyers: This may be said to be the most important aspect of affiliate marketing as a whole. Everyone has a unique selling proposition, thus how I convert visitors may be different from how you do it. Your content will ultimately decide whether or not your audience will make an action. So example, if you produce poor content, absolutely nobody is ever going to make an action.

2. Blogging


Blogging is a great internet business to start without even showing your face because it generates income every day. Anyone may start one and make money from it. Blogging can be defined as the online self-publication of blog entries, articles, writing, and other types of media. Do you enjoy writing a lot? So why do you persist in refusing? Profit from the things you enjoy.

How to Start Blogging

  • Step 1. Research and pick a niche: You need to select a niche that appeals to your personality and enthusiasm. Check out how to pick the best niches with low competition.
  • Step 2. Identify a good domain name for your site: I advise you to choose a name for your blog that is related to the niche you have already decided on.
  • Step 3. Locate a reliable hosting provider: Good web hosting and a domain name are required to start and publish a website or blog online. I advise starting with a free hosting service plan in case you are short of the money to purchase web hosting. To have an optimal result you need a great web hosting provider.
  • Step 4. Develop and start your blog: Select a topic and organize it so that your audience will find it interesting and compelling. Use a light theme, which I highly recommend, to make sure your website loads efficiently.
  • Step 5. Write your first blog entry and publish it: You must write a fantastic article that will hold readers’ attention. I advise coming up with an intriguing title and meta description. Avoid employing clickbait since if your blog content doesn’t meet their expectations, readers will leave and the bounce rate will increase.
  • Step 6. Grow your blog: There are four major great methods for doing this: paid advertisements, email promotion, social media marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Step 7. Monetize your blog: There are three major ways to do this. I always advise you to utilize ad networks, affiliate marketing and selling of courses or products.

3. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon Kindle Publishing
Amazon Kindle Publishing

One thing I like about this type of business model is that it can be started without even disclosing your identity. You can publish any type of eBook on Amazon KDP and make a profit insofar as it is good and valuable.
The extensive author rewards program offered by Amazon, which gives authors as much as 35% to 70% of the proceeds from each ebook sold on the platform, has greatly benefited numerous authors.

How to Start Amazon Kindle Publishing

Step 1: Learn what your audience wants.
Step 2: Publish an ebook.
Step 3: Take the time to secure an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to give your ebook a more polished appearance.
Step 4: Make a captivating ebook cover.
Step 5: You can get your ebook now that it can now be released.
Step 6: Make money off of your ebook by setting a price.
Step 7: Advertise Your E-Book.
Step 8: Keep track of your ebook sales.
Step 9: Encourage audience participation.

4. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is a well-known industry that can be entered. without revealing your face. You collaborate with suppliers or distributors in this field who produce, package, and distribute the goods to your clients in accordance with their requirements.
The task at hand is to set up an online shop using Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other platform, locate the ideal supplier and the proper products utilizing resources like Spocket, and then target those items to the intended market.

How to Start Dropshipping

Step 1: Make the decision to start a dropshipping company.
Step 2: Select a business strategy for dropshipping.
Step 3: Conduct a market analysis.
Step 4: Pick a drop shipping business.
Step 5: Launch your shop online.
Step 6: Select a business strategy.
Step 7: Organize your finances.
Step 8: is to promote your dropshipping business.
Step 9: Evaluate and enhance your products.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel
Start a YouTube Channel

One of the handful of money-generating platforms, YouTube, allows you to be compensated for just creating and publishing videos. Additionally, you could create a YouTube channel and post anonymous (without showing your face) videos on it.
The website pays creators who sign up for the YouTube AdSense program according to how many people watch their videos. The amount paid varies depending on the country and the video niche. YouTube videos frequently have a lengthy shelf life compared to the majority of social media platforms, where the content disappears in a hurry. This means that you can continue to get passive revenue from YouTube videos decades afterwards that it was first released.

How to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel

If you are interested in starting a faceless YouTube channel, this video entails the steps to start a faceless YouTube channel.
Here is a detailed video that will show you what you need to know before starting a faceless YouTube channel.

6. Selling Digital Products

Selling Digital Products
Selling Digital Products

Selling digital goods is a great method to monetize your skill set if you already have a passion for writing and the information necessary to back it up. Through websites like your personal blog or Udemy, many independent authors and business owners are successful in selling their digital items online.
Without having to spend money on expensive hard copies of books, readers can obtain knowledge for less money by using ebooks. Online classes, on the other hand, give learners a hands-on, frequently at their convenience, approach to mastering a fresh skill set.

How to Start Selling Digital Products

  • Step 1. Locate or produce a digital asset: Regardless of whether you decide to make something yourself or promote previously produced digital goods, find a good or service to sell.
  • Step 2. Establish a web-based shop: Within a few hours, get going. Choose a design from a selection of websites, add your logo, prose, and images, and you’re all set to start selling.
  • Step 3. To simplify the selling, employ an application or plugins: Digital product distribution is facilitated by some plugins. To locate applications that integrate into your online store.
  • Step 4. Promote your digital goods to get more sales: Wherever your customers happen to be, go there. Think of lead magnets, social adverts, or influencer marketing as an example.

7. Freelancing


Anyone wishing to earn money online while remaining anonymous may consider freelancing. Furthermore, the highest-paying freelancing positions need expertise in web design, software design, and marketing, which can be easily learned on e-learning sites.
You might be wondering how someone might earn money through freelancing anonymously, but hold on while I explain. Whenever you are dealing with clients, utilise the safe communication channel via the site instead of disclosing private contact details.

How to Start Freelancing

Step 1: Select the Correct Tools.
Step 2: Acquire a useful skill.
Step 3: Develop Your skill set.
Step 4: Expand your brand visibility.
Step 5: Create a fantastic portfolio.
Step 6: Find the Most suitable Freelance Site.
Step 7: Consider working sporadically from home.
Step 8: Decide on the right pricing.
Step 9: Present Your First Proposal.
Step 10: Deliver services Beyond the required standard.

8. Article Writing

Article Writing
Article Writing

This is another great method of adding extra money to your pocket and the best part is that people don’t want to know you, just create a great article and publish it to websites that pay people for each article.
By contributing to some sites that compensate you for each article you create they publish, you can create a second source of income. Only a small number of websites are willing to compensate you substantially for your work, however many will pay you for providing articles and still allow you to include a profile and a link to your website.

What You Should Know Before You Start Article Writing

  • Determine a Writing Niche.
  • Create a regular writing routine.
  • Take part in classes to earn credentials.
  • Increase your output by using tools or software.
  • Keep your readers in mind at all times.
  • Research publishing options for your content.

9. Partake in online surveys


It’s very easy. Simply respond to online quizzes to share your opinions on a variety of subjects. Many market research companies are searching for new employees to participate in online surveys for rewards and cash. But exercise caution! Many survey websites are frauds that fail to pay their users.

Websites That pay for online surveys

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks is one of the biggest, most widely recognized and dependable paid survey sites.
  • Opinion Outpost: Due to its speedy payouts and entertaining surveys, Opinion Outpost has grown in popularity. This survey website should be used if you want to make money rapidly.
  • Branded Surveys: Due to the significant amount of paid surveys they offer, Branded Survey is well-known among survey respondents.

10. Sell Pictures Online

Sell Pictures Online
Sell Pictures Online

This is another money-making way to make extra money online. According to my previous post on selling feet pics online, you’ll see that you can snap pics of your feet without showing your face and sell them for quite extra money.
irrespective of the fact that you are a professional photographer or simply enjoy taking pictures in your spare time? You might get paid as much as $100 for every single photo you upload.
A photograph can also be sold continuously and endlessly once it has been uploaded and authorized.

Websites To Sell Pictures

  • Etsy
  • SmugMug Pro
  • Shutterstock
  • FeetFinder

11. Sell Art Works And Designs

Sell Art Works And Designs
Sell Art Works And Designs

Selling digital artworks is one of the best ways for artists to make money.
Send your creations to art auction sites. This is a great way to establish a relationship with potential clients and gain recognition in the virtual creative industry. However, if you advertise your art on specific networks, marketing on another social media is a great way to generate money rapidly. On the other hand, advertising on your social media accounts enables you to remain in control as much as 100 per cent of the profits.

Platforms That Allows You Sell Artworks and Designs

  • Esty
  • Art Web

12. Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading

A conceivably lucrative technique to generate money in the market for digital currencies is through cryptocurrency trading and investing. Although using Bitcoin offers anonymity, this can also be dangerous because you never know who you are working with and there is a high chance of being scammed or other criminal activity.
To safeguard yourself against theft, traders ought to constantly make sure that they utilize encrypted wallets when keeping and sending digital currencies.
To be anonymous when dealing with crypto, You ought to buy Bitcoin through a non-KYC exchange, utilize a private Bitcoin wallet, and cloak your IP address using a VPN to guarantee an entirely undetectable transaction.


So we have come to the end of how to make money online anonymously. There are several ways to earn money via the Internet that don’t involve revealing your identity to the public. Your anonymity will still be maintained while providing you with a fantastic income.
Please feel free to drop any question or two that bothers you and we will reply it as soon as possible. Also, feel free to share this article with anyone you think that it will be of great use to.
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